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Superliner grab handle question

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Just want to be shure.

The grab handle for a B-model cab offered by Watts looks to me the same as on a Superliner cowl side.

Going to put them on R-model doors inside to pull when closing.


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Some people put them on their dash to hang on to when going Mach Speeds.


We call em "holy shit handles".....also VERY useful off road with wimps....lol

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The grab handle in your picture is solid stainless steel, we have bought some sets of this handle from Watts. They are not the original B model handles. The original B model handles are chromed hollow steel plate and they were a standard accessory used on Kenworths Peterbilts and other trucks.

If you want these original style used on the B models Courtland Truckworks in Courtland, California (they are old Peterbilt specilaists) supply reproductions of the originals, send an email to Mike, they sell/export around the world - we have bought a number of the original style handles for our B model they are good exact reproductions

Mike's email is truck_works@yahoo.com

They also have a web site you can find on goole under Courtland Truckworks

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