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5th wheel wrecker


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be careful when looking for one that you get a good one that has 4 attachment points for a binder, and get one that is an underlift and you will be really happy, other than that you have to pull pretty much everything from the back hooked up with chains and its hard on stuff. Good luck in the search.

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This is the kind I was looking for:


I think thats the kind you said to stay away from Superdog lol. We have to borrow a dropdeck to go pulling so I was thinking about doing an option like this. FullFuel's is a nice one though, just not sure I need something that big. Our business is all dump work so I dont see the reason to get a stepdeck or a dropdeck. Not sure what to do....

The company that has the 5th wheel wrecker in the picture I know real well, and to tow their pulling truck around is quick and painless, and not to mention sooooooo much easier to twist around in the tiny fairgrounds where we pull.

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