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DPF regeneration on gunite unable


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i have a gunite with DPF, currently the indicator light for the recycling of the dpf is flashing, + the red indicator of the engine is on and i can't initiate the regeneration, parked or running.

the orange led code failure is not on, but the display in the middle of dash indicta a active code S231 M144 02Fmi and the is an inactive code P326 M128 11FMI.

DPF was changed for a new one, seems to be not clogged

anyone have an idea to help is welcome

in th shop manual they spoke about coolant and oïl level, they are OK

thanks for help

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The system is still in de-rate. The soot level is too high. Even though you replaced the filter you will not be able to perform a regen without using PTT to reset the soot level.

1. Reset soot level with PTT

2. Perform a regen.

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