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The Non-Stop Trailer Train (Road Train) of the Future

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It’s always interesting to revisit how the future direction of truck design was imagined at certain points of time.

GM was always leaning into the future throughout the 1950s and 1960s, not only in car and truck design, but also in the home (Frigidaire).

The Bison III and Turbo Titan III were great examples.



But sadly, no new products were in the pipeline for GMC Truck during the 1970s aside from the General. The Astro and Brigadier languished on

And Ford certainly was stepping forward with Big Red.


This was the era when American could do anything. We led the world in innovation. We even thought that we could put a man on the moon.......and did. What has happened to the country we once knew, where foreign truckmakers now dominate our heavy truck market?

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Is it just me or is that second Mack cab over a GMC Astro with a dog?

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it is sad how american mfg is almost gone .. american culture changed in the late 60s into the 70s. everything from music to cars . america lost during that tiime as far as im concerned. if you listen to 50s early rock n roll its so much more positive than the hippy music that followed. same with the cars america led the world in automotive design. people in 1950s america wouldnt consider foreign cars but there children embrced japanese and german cars. i think the uaw got greedy and the managers at the big 3 got lazy didnt innovate until it was to late . i think the 50s were americas pinnacle its gone to hel from there

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As part of the push for the New World Order The Tri Lateral Commission was formed during the Carter administration. Its purpose was to equalize the global playing field, making Europe and the Asia stronger and America weaker. They have done this across the global manufacturing base. The sad truth is that Conspiracies are real and the truth is held from the sheeple


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