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CL mack eq water tanker

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That would make a great restoration for someone, especially a "petroleum" collector as I'm sure it was a fuel delivery truck converted to a water tanker.

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Haven't noted any vertical strips.

It has air brakes (do they EQ's all have?)

The truck's location has me scratching my had - not far from a sea port.

Although I pass. Should finish any of my projects first.

Any thoughts on it might be an ex-army vehicle?

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The strips are very small. Less than an 1/8th of an inch wide. You can see the strips on the glove box door.

The have a built in tab which then goes through slots in the sheetmetal of the dashboard and then the tab is folded over.

Hard to find unmolested and very fussy to work with on a restoration.


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For some reason, I have always liked the "EU" model. In addition to its fleet of Mack "N" model

rubbish trucks, the Nashua, NH Public Works Dep't operated a Mack "E?U model sewer cleaning

truck. Not a vac truck but the old fashion scoop type. It used that truck for many years even after

all the other Mack's were gone. When the PWD changed the color scheme from green to orange

the old "EU" received the new orange paint. I was a kid then; wish now that I had photos of the

"EU" and "N" models.


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