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Another new guy from CA


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Hello boys and girls! I guess I'm here to join the Mack club.

I work for a crane company in so cal, and I haul the cranes around. I have always had Petes and KWs with double frames and two speed rear ends and big Cat in the Pete and a big Cummins in the KW.

Well, they bought me a brand new Mack Granite, GU815 (I think).

I do like that Mack still puts the mirrors on the doors instead of up on the A pillar.

It has an 18 speed, I'm not sure about the rear gears, and the M8 engine. I pull oversize loads over the CA mountains grossing 220k sometimes.

Do you guys think the 505 HP M8 is going to do well with this much weight?

It's too bad they didn't get me the Titan with an M10, (mack's true heavy haul tractor) but whatever. I don't pay for it. I just hope this Granite will do what I need.

So tell me what you think. Ron.

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Thank you. I'll get some pics up eventually. I need to correct myself. The truck is a GU813. The company has the pinks and registrations all screwed up right now. Our main PA office bought the trucks for several yards all over the US. Things got mixed up of coarse, as to which truck went where. So once it has a license plate on it, it will go somewhere, (local dealer probably) to get ramps and a wet kit put on. Then I should be able to drive it and post some cool pics of it.

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OK, here are a couple pics. This is what I drive now and the kind of loads I pull. That is the biggest I pull. 220K LBS.

And the new Macks. 1 will be going to our Fontana yard, I'm told.

I found out they have 4:30 rear gears. So I think they will pull the load pretty well.

I plan to take the aluminum wheels off the KW in the back ground for the drives.

I just wish it had a visor on it. :(

They have the cheesey little square cab lights on the roof, and our 3 new regular duty Macks have the round/bullet style lights. So if the screw holes are the same, I'm going to do a little inter company transfer. LOL



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