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G-model all fueled up

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You need a more economical engine. A Detroit Diesel 6-71TT "Fuel Squeezer" comes to mind.

Yes....Yes I suppose you are correct......On the other hand, no, you are not.

140GZ (F554G) Waukesha: 3200 RPMS= 55 mph comfortable cruising speed (currently.)

671N POS DD: 2100 RPMS= maybe 40mph top speed???? And three forevers to get there.........

So unless someone coughs up two axles.......IT AINT HAPPENING....

Besides.....I already have the plan mapped out if the Thunder Pumpkin ever grenades.....Cat has a reman 3208 set for almost the identical horsepower & torque curve at 2800rpms......So if I ever have to put in an oil burner.....Thats the one.

And before everyone tells me the 3208 is a boat anchor, yes I am very well aware of that. However I am not delivering freight on a daily basis and if I go over 600 miles in one year, that was a busy year.


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Earlier in the week I cleaned off the bugs on the front of the MH from the Lititz trip. Today (with snow flurries flying) I cleaned the front of the trailer (more bugs from the Lititz trip). Now the sides and rear look like crap. Took the MH and filled the tank (40 gallons = $150). Temp is to get down to 30 tonight but if the ole MH starts I will be headed east on Friday morning. I plan to be in Fogelsville around noon. I will give Don a call and see if I can drop the trailer at the Customer Center on Friday afternoon.

See y'all at TKs around 6pm.

Have a safe trip everyone!

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PRR Country and Charter member of the "Mack Pack"

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Good Luck, How about some photos?

Didn't get any yet, but as soon as I do y'all will be the first to see them! It's pretty straight, and I bet it won't take alot to get it running. Just some clean fuel, some new filters, and a good firm tug with the old f350, I'm hoping. They said the only thing wrong with it is a broken shifting fork, and it's missing a driver's seat.


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The RW 613 is ready to go-- had the woman shut off the fuel pump when it got to $1000.

Leaving around 9am tomorrow- even if I have to push snow with the bumper to get out the drive--

Lake effect is getting you isn't it! I would look to relocate...

Interested in Old Trucks? Check out:


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