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Parts Needed- 1952 125LS

SMFire History

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Hi guys-

Just starting to piece together what we are missing on our rig and thought I would post up some needs and see if you have suggestions on who may be able to assist. I apologize if I'm not using the proper terminology. Is there an online schematic breakdown of parts somewhere?

Here's what I know we need for now...

-Windshield frame trim (drivers side) both top and bottom pieces.

-Front hood hold down bracket (see pic below: blue arrow indicates where it goes and red arrow indicates what it holds down. Probably easily fabricated if they are hard to find.

-Front grill chrome trim piece (maybe says 125 near the top like some of the 95's?) See pic below for where it goes.

-Font headlight outer trim ring (drivers and passengers side).

-Top mini light on top of the passenger side headlight (see pic)

-Turn signal switch internals. I cracked ours open and opened the switch, cleaned and regreased but it only works on one side.

-Mack Mirrors (West Coast Style?)

Other items I will contact our retirees about locating:

-Original Mack Bell

-Original growler

I will add to the list as things change but any suggestions are appreciated.







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there are two lenghts of the park lite and I presume yours is the short one.also there are two types of lenses show picture of other side lens.the hood hold down brackets for the hood stripe are avalable from mack. same as whats used on rd steel hoods.head lite ring are easy to find at swap meets.I would put one mirror on the drivers side and use the old fashion (ones that came with truck)arm style.

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Thanks for the info. I've included a pic of the other sides park lite. I didn't realize there are 3 hood hinge brackets. We have one at the rear near the windshield and one (I assumed) at the grill? I appreciate the part #'s. Is the strip in the center of the louvres something I will most likely find online?

Thanks again,




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The "125" should be a small shield shaped badge that goes just below the Mack script on the vertical center piece of the radiator shell. They are basically impossible to find, but it should be fairly easy for a jeweler/engraver to make a replacement.

I have an original headlight bucket with the marker light you need. Check the bottom of the head lights to see if they still have the "twist and push in" type of connectors that were stock to see if the headlights are original or replacements. If they are replacements the best route will be to find the vendors name on the light to track down the marker light. I also have the trim ring, but it will need to be plated.

Money, sex, and fire; everybody thinks everyone else is getting more than they are!

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You can find the headlight pieces at www.otbgear.com in California. they have a website and are very knowledgable and friendly

That's who I used for my replacement lights. Nice lights and very close to original.

Money, sex, and fire; everybody thinks everyone else is getting more than they are!

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Thanks for all the info guys. I'll take a look at the lights Friday to see if they are original or have a look for a venders name. It looks like otbgear.com is another good option.

fxfymn- thanks for the offer on parts. I'll try to drop you a PM. We are missing the entire grill vertical along with the 125 shield.

I'll look up Cal once we have a more thorough list of what we're missing.

Are you guys getting axle seals from a special vendor or just a local trucking company?

Thanks again for the assistance,


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I ordered seals through Rock Auto once I had the PN. When it comes to mechanical items you can almost always locate items on the net if you have a vendor's PN. Keep everything you remove and check it carefully for a PN, search the PN and you will most likely come up with a source. Even Amazon has parts for the old dogs!

A big part of re-doing a rig is being organized. Make a place to store all of the old parts permanently, because you never know when you might need to check them for a PN or have one re-furbed in the future when a new part becomes NLA.

I keep a bag with any hard to find items I am trying to match in it that I carry to flea markets so I can match them up. Every axe holder, bell mount, etc. are unique and you really want to find the "right" one that matches the existing holes.

The badges Cal sells are not engraved, just flat printed. Your choice.

Money, sex, and fire; everybody thinks everyone else is getting more than they are!

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Excellent suggestions. Once we have the seals out I'll order up what we need. The breather was gummed up with crap so I've cleared that. Maybe that will help for now. I'm going to clean up the wheel and see if its still leaking now that that is clear.

We decided to go with newer Toyo radials instead of the old nylon tires so those will be ordered up soon.

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