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hello im new to this whole fourm thing so bare with me i recently bought a 62 Mack b61 single axle stake rake that was restored a few years back they did a pretty good job with it but im looking to go a different route with it now id like to put aluminum alcoas on it and take the stake rake off and make a single axle tractor with the stretched frame look but i am also looking for a few original parts as well id like to keep the body looking pretty original any input on locating an original windshield visor would be greatly appreciated

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Welcome, check the forums for visors, from what I understand the fiberglass ones are lunds and are available, but they need to be cut to fit. As far as the wheels, you will have to find new hubs and wheels and that can be done with new replaceing everything or via salvage yards.

Now that you are the proud owner looking at working on an older Mack comes the fun and challenging part, locating the parts at a reasonable cost to make your repairs and modifications.

If you have lots of Money you wont have any problems sourcing what you need. :loldude:


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Srry my computer at the shop is very slow ill be posting some pictures soon I plan to add lots of them along the way as I said the truck was restored awhile back and is still a nice looking truck but it's not perfect the motor was painted up real nice and looks very clean with little to no leaks. Wish I could say the same about my f250 diesel but hey when it stops leaking I know it's out of oil or something is wrong lol but anyway I have a good idea of where I'm headed with this build money isn't really a problem due to my boss sponsoring my build I guess that's my raise for a few years :-) I want to stay with the original running gear motor runs wonderful and the twin stick is about as good as it was when it was new clutch is strong so the motor and trans won't have to come apart just wish it had a jake the interior is nice with new headliner door panels and seats were re covered also has all new floor mats all gauges and switches are there and most are functional I have seen the hub swap a few times but I can't ever find any info on what parts are needed and what's involved was hopeing someone could point me in the right direction thanks for the replies

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