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Farmer from New Zealand


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Hi my name is Lindsay and I am a farmer in the South Island of New Zealand. We fatten lambs for the market and also grow milling wheat malting barley and several other small seed crops. In my spare time I also race sprintcars at the local speedway track.

I have always wanted a MACK of my own to fix/restore, and finally found one that suited what I wanted to do.

It is a 1978 R685RS that was origionaly built for the NZ army as a dumper. I was able to get the origional build sheet and it has still got all the matching numbers and has only done 185000km from new.

Here are a couple of photos the day I picked it up and I will post some more when my camera gets back from holiday.

At this stage I am thinking of doing an origional restoration as there seem to be cenoug custom trucks around and I quite like the origional look.

Thanks Lindsay.



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Thanks for the warm welcome guys, the quad lights were an after market addition so they might have to go. And I always thought you lot had the steering wheel on the wrong side :D .

I drove it home yesterday and had no problem with up shifting but the down shifting was not good (i had to pull over and start from scratch a couple of times). I think I had too many rpm.

I have added a photo of the truck when it was in use for the NZ army.

Cheers Lindsay.


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I too like the apperiance of the army dump truck on the last photo.

Hope you'll go to that condition, just you need an original dump bed.

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