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Single rear axle

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I speced a Granite single axle a few years ago. You couldn't get the big Mack single rear in 30,000. You had to go to a Rockwell. The only engine at the time was a 300 nothing bigger with the single axle. When I got done I was at $101,000.00 just for the chassis. Needless to say I didn't by any new truck. And this was H And H where I used to work and Eddie was giving me a cut rate deal as it was. Mack has a hard time competing with single axles.

Cheers, Rob

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Looking for the 30k# rear with a 20k# front. Also I heard a rumor that there is a way to get around paying fet if its set up this way? Maybe just no fet on the body idk I should have paid more attention to that convo but it sounded like bs to me.

I still believe anything over 33,000lbs you pay the 12% FET. I can't see how unless your calling it municipal somehow.

Cheers, Rob

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Pete and KW gliders are available again too, think they started back end of last year after a short leave from the market. Actually I think they realised Freightliner was whuppin their but in sales because of it. I have a friend that looked into a Western Star and a KW he's on the fence but thinking about it awful hard, Western Star priced him a long single axle tractor set up for his N14 and 10 spd for $86,000 so by the time he got it together he was lookin at about $106,000. He priced a new one with a ISX13 and it was $149,000 so theirs a pretty large price gap and the tandem variant was $164,000.

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Here's a single rear axle alternative.

Introducing the MACK­® Granite® MHD 4x2


INDIANAPOLIS (March 6, 2013) – Mack Trucks today launched the MACK® Granite® Medium Heavy Duty (MHD) 4x2 model, offering a Class 7 or Class 8 solution for customers demanding a lighter yet rugged work truck.

Introduced for the first time during the 2013 National Truck Equipment Association (NTEA) Work Truck Show in Indianapolis, the MHD 4x2, offered in a heavy-duty or medium-duty configuration, is the latest version of the MACK Granite® MHD launched in 2011. The MHD 4x2 is available now for order.

“The MHD 4x2 offers a great option for customers needing a truck tough enough to manage their daily operations, but in a lighter weight configuration to increase their ROI,” said Curtis Dorwart, Mack vocational marketing product manager.

Equipped with a Cummins ISL9 345 horsepower engine with a maximum torque rating of 1,150 lb.-ft., the MHD 4x2 provides the power, durability and reliability that customers equate with a Mack truck.

A clean back-of-cab design helps the MHD 4x2 accommodate a wide variety of body options, including those required for utility, dump and municipal applications. The short bumper-to-tire distance offers front-end swing clearance and superior wheel cut – key for navigating tight turns in municipalities and construction sites.

The galvanized steel cab of the MHD 4x2 is mounted on airbags and shocks so the driver stays comfortable during the workday. The MACK® Cornerstone™ chassis, built of high-strength steel alloy for a stronger, lighter frame, is offered in four frame rail thicknesses ranging from 7 mm to 11.1 mm.

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