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DMM for sale on ebay in CT ex hi-ho truck


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What were/are the weight laws in Ct for the quad axles like this and O+G 's , I thought you could get a 80,000 lb permit correct? I've herd Hi Hi got into some shit with these trucks!

With a permit you are good for 80,000. The trucks had 24 volt systems but otherwise were good with the 350 12speed. Also because of all the weight distribution on the front axle they tended to get stuck and the front end would slide.


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engine dont look right for a 1988, not a e-6 motor


That is the motor that came with the truck. Because they couldn't put intercoolers on them they had the tip turbine which also meant they could not put 4v heads on them but the block was the newer style 350 E-6 with the larger rods, etc. which would be a 350 4v but these trucks had 2v heads on them.


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