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  1. Oh that's cool actually very busy trying to finish up by x mas
  2. They are super clean. Are u not in the Superliner anymore?
  3. Roberts asphalt Brookhaven LI, Wainscott S&G from bridgehampton, and G&I construction from Roslyn.
  4. All my other ones all went to either mass or out of the country only sold 1 or 2 to guys in NJ. Here's a pic of that truck or the sister to it in the late 00s when we cleaned them up the last time was phasing them out for the granites
  5. Mackman I saw horan running like crazy that day figured it was for ALAC. I haven't heard if the DM is a glider but if it is that truck is super tight and clean. RFC must have been one of my mid 90s RDs I sold the last one I had to a guy in NJ 2 yrs ago truck was mint
  6. Lindleys DM 800 and ALACs CV 713 with a lembo body u don't see those to often anymore
  7. That's not good have had that happen once was not a good ending for the hood of the truck though
  8. Not that I'm aware of it's says effective jan 1 2015
  9. Diversified liquidated a couple yrs back but kept a couple old DM 600 roll offs. I think they are starting to come back again starting to see small trucks with the name on them. That is a new truck I got a couple months ago came from mass. 20/58 427 10 spd. I have since sold the JDP truck she was to heavy for the new weight laws coming into effect in jan.
  10. Just finished cleaning this truck up 20/58 12x24 427 10 spd perfect spec
  11. Not my photo but a really nice spec'd mass truck fairly new still with big tires in the back
  12. that was you in the super liner nice. yea that was some job quick and easy 5000 ton mill and pave cant beat those. GBO is a friend of our super hes a real nice guy tony all his trucks are rats the dm 800 is shot but still gets the job done its a 71 u dont see any other trucks that old on the road except for Macks lol. the dm600 is an 87 has 23 front 80k walking beam thing is an animal its the last known ex hendrickson bros truck to be around those were built right!!! 350 6spd lo hole trucks a tank 40,000 empty
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