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Mack Australia - Trident (a well kept secret)

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No, you can't order a Trident. Yes, it's a spectactular lightweight 13-liter tractor (up to 535hp), but you're not supposed to know about it, lest you would ask questions. With stunning good looks and impressive performance, why indeed do the Aussies get the Trident all to themselves?

Think of the Trident as a lightweight Super-Liner (Yes, the Super-Liner is alive and well, but you can't order that either. Volvo knows what's best for you, and they say no Tridents or Super-Liners for the Americans).

Introduced in 1996, the Trident offers superb visibility, low curb weight, an impressive power-to-weight ratio, great maneuverability and once again, stunning good looks. Think of it as a modern day U.S. market Value-Liner that's available in both axle-back and axle-forward configurations.

Note the impressive chassis packaging, fuel tank mounting and European style rear fender arrangement.








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I thought this is just a USA Granite chassis with a different hood and sleeper options right? With the same MP8 engine just more powerful since they dont have the EGR we do?

But dont get me wrong i do love the looks and the unique tanks and fenders. Ya need those big tanks to get through the outback i guess!

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