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  1. Hello guys I went to the dealership yesterday looking for a mirror with a bracket for a granite that I'm working on and I really don't want to pay $500+ for one I was wondering of a place that I might get a used one or aftermarket replacement.? Also in need of an RD grill that also cost $500 I would really appreciate it. Have a great day.
  2. Post what you'll see there antique. I mean of cource. Ok ill snap some images tom when I get some time from looking around at machinery
  3. I'm arriving to Ritchie Brothers auction for this weeks auction is anyone attending??
  4. That sounds good I'm gonna start working on taking the bad one down thanks for the help.
  5. i have a bad T2180B and I have a T2180 to replace it. I want to know if it would work?
  6. does anyone know what the difference between a T2180B and a T2180 is? thanks for the help.
  7. looks good, probably good enough for you to export... seems your tryin to befriend us with tires, now with B model info... some folks never learn. Hey man how about you get off my case what the hell is your problem with me get an effn life homie
  8. ran into this B Model on Craigslist not too much information and the guy does not know much about the truck, chassis# B61T4360 guy said it was a Thermodyne diesel motor and got to run for 45 seconds a few years back?? what should I expect??guy is asking $3,900.00 for it, what's a good price for this truck?
  9. all those tires are caps, don't have 24.5 drives I actually need of some lol, I went to this tire place today In the Dallas area where I purchased some used 10:00X17.5 for some low boys for 50$ and they are asking 350$ for used steering but they will lower the price, American made tires (J&L tires ask for James he is the owner 214-630-0400) maybe that could help you if you come to Dallas, I have 24.5 rims ALCOAS not machine finish but in very good shape several to choose from for 100 bucks each. lmk if I can do anything.
  10. Running out of tires here at my shop I've taken a few trips to buy used virgin or recap tires up in Ohio at Dales truck parts but since tires are going up I haven't gone on the road to look for some. If anyone know where I can find a good lot of tires I would appreciate it. Was thinking about going back to Dales truck parts but they don't have a trailer load I can get and is not worth for me going all the way up there.
  11. Are you being serious or are you kidding around?? I'm gonna leave the sales alone on this site for a while lololol
  12. @mike never been hog hunting before why?
  13. Oh ya lets not forget about this one also lol scary looking front
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