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Pictures of the Week

other dog

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Funny story and urban legend about that construction on rt.65 across from the island. That use to be Dixmont state mental hospital until Walmart bought the property to build a super center about 8-9 years ago. They stripped the entire hillside and started moving a lot of earth, that was until some heavy rains caused a huge landslide to fall on rt.65 and closed it and the NS mainline for a couple days. The talk about the hospital was it was haunted. There were ghost hunting tv shows up there from time to time. Anyways the talk was the "spirits" had a part in the landslide haha Needless to say Walmart cancel the development.

Triad has some clean looking Kenworths.

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This is the view I had most of the week.


California comes to Iowa


This poor Pete owner spent so much on his stacks he couldn't afford to fix his air horns



I bet you had the coolest truck there Mike with that Superliner.


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The Chevy is a '63.

Your Photoshop skills are improving. The Triad Metals chick looks as if she were actually there.

This guy pulled in beside me while I was waiting. Opened his passenger window and asked me where the shipping office was. I told him, and said "by the way, your fuel cap is off".

He said "really?..hope I didn't lose too much fuel."

Then he gets out and walks inside to the shipping office. Comes back after a few minutes, gets in the truck and pulls inside. Never did put the fuel cap on.

Did you tell Rob we said "hi"?

I think these two were waiting for the bus.

As Ralph Kramden would say: "How sweet it is!"


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I bet you had the coolest truck there Mike with that Superliner.

There's another guy that has a pretty sweet '84 Valueliner,he's had it since it was new.I'll try to get a pic of it sometime.There's a couple guys still running R models,but they aren't really well cared for,lots of CH's and Visions,some of them are really sharp if you go for that kinda truck.

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Great pics guys excepting the pissing wimmins.

I'm starting to think to put Winfall on my future trip map.

If I ever get US visa.

I've been wanting to move there but no homes are for sale and rentals have a 99 year wait list. I understand it's because of the low taxes, good schools, and it's on a bus line.

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Of course OD has to put a pic of a red head.

One day while working, a lady was squatting just like that with her little boy watching me work. I smiled and waved, and smiled, and smiled,....

Success is only a stones throw away.................................................................for a Palestinian

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