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Here is the Superliner he sold. Mike still has one Superliner,a single axle wrecker. He also has a B67 with a rollback on it and these monster tri axle wreckers. I'm not sure how many B models he

Another Rich Johnson job.....KTI (Kaney Transportation,Inc.) of Rockford had this nice Value-Liner running for them.......Al

These pics were passed along to me from a friend. Lenzini's freshly redone R-model. Very sharp looking truck, but from the sounds of it we will not see it running around here. It will be going to his

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What were you doing in this neck of the woods? Had one running out of Vulcan Grayslake yesterday

I was moving Bobcats for a customer of ours that is getting ready for snow season. Had a couple days worth, had 18 to move,

which was great because it got me out of hauling gravel! While I was up that way I also stopped at Ernies. He is selling the 84

359 so I had to go BS with Ernie for a minute and take a look at the truck, but I need another truck like I need another hole in

my head. Ernie did say he might be buying a Mack to replace it, he's just looking for a decent pre-emmisions truck that isn't





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Everybody is scrambling to move snow equipment today! It is always nice to get a break from gravel. If you ever need a truck or two to haul snow for your guy in Lake County, let me know. Would be happy to do it. What is Ernies asking for the 359? My buddy has a really clean one too.

I've seen that Petersen truck running around before, saw their Pete six wheeler headed up 294 today. I think Ernie said he wanted 20K for it,

minus the headache rack. Would be a nice truck for somebody. As far as the snow hauling goes, you can have all of it in northern IL, I'm

gonna go inside and take a nap!

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The mention of Yazel reminded me that I had an Axle Equipment post card with a Yazel truck on it. I remember up to a couple years

ago seeing trailers with Yazel and Martin still running around. I know where two Martin trailers are but haven't seen a Yazel in awhile.

I love seeing the old pictures like that!!!

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So far so well. Fuel economy isn't as great as the CH or the RW, but the drivers really seem to like them. I have driven them a little bit, I really like the Mdrive. Takes a little getting used to when off road. I know you can manually downshift, but I wish there was a big simple button that would only use 1st or 2nd off road. If you don't think to lock into a low gear, the thing wants to up shift and then falls on its face. Otherwise they have been great. One or two sensor issues, but all was warranties.

I know. My '98 CH with 13spd and 4.17 gears got better mpg then my '12 CHU with Mdrive direct and 2.64 gears. And that's suppose to be the best setup for mpg. I know some people that have made "outlaw trucks" meaning deleting the emmisions and they are gaining 1- 1.5 mpg better. Along with more HP.

If I am off road I use the manual setting, but if I'm just pulling in a yard or trying to keep it slower going I put it in performance mode to keep it in gear longer.

I really wish it had a LL and low reverse.

Sweet looking ride by the way.

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Couple macks on rt 23 between Marengo and Harvard far end one is a superdog

Those are Weidner Farms trucks. I have a couple pictures of the Superliner posted way back somewhere. He said its got 1.2 mil miles

on the clock. One owner.

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Wow that's some big storm pipe where is that at were you hauling gravel in there

It's gonna be a huge new building for 3-M. 42 million dollar project. We took in 60,000 ton of CA6 for the building pad and I bet we're

gonna be close to that much CA7 for the plumbers. Most of the pipe came from Welch. I bet we have a couple more weeks to go with

the plumbers yet. Spent Mon.Tues and Wed there. Hopefully the weather will hold. I think in the spring we will be back to do the parking



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