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Saw a Brockway!


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I was going east on I -90 just west of Erie,PA about noon today and met a Brockway with a load of logs.Wasn't able to get my camera out fast enough for any pics. This was a late model(Mack cab) with a small sleeper.Not sure if it was a tandem or had a lift axle too. It was pained red and was pulling a pup. Looked nice from the other side of the interstate.I'm sure somebody knows the truck and can send pics. Steve

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hay GG2 im goin to the vintage snowmobile show called the white out tomarrow and we have to go by a place called ives construction. they have about ten brockways layin around that are tractors and dump trucks , but they dont use them anymore. ill try do get some pics for ya!

thanks, if you get them i will give you an ataboy.

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ya i like the paint on them too. here is mike rodericks resrtored brockway

Nice pics Vin! thats what a truck should look like,personally i never cared for the full fenders covering the tandems,but to each his own................................Mark

Mack Truck literate. Computer illiterate.

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