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The Story:

Taavura. is Israel’s largest road haulage and logistics company, jointly owned by Avraham Livnat Ltd. and Nesher Israel Cement Enterprises Ltd.

The Taavura Group engages primarily in various types of Road haulage (car transport, bulk transport, agricultural produce, containers and general cargo), earth moving and mining, Cranes & Heavy Lift as well as oversize loads and heavy haulage, air cargo terminal operations and various types of logistics services as well as importing and servicing DAF, KENWORTH & ISUZU trucks and VDL buses.

Through its various holdings and subsidiaries, the Taavura Group is expanding its overseas activities including the importation and distribution of Ford and Jaguar cars in the Balkans and ISUZU trucks in Poland, Czech Rep. and more, as well as logistical services via Maman Ltd., the operator of Israel’s air cargo terminal.

With over 4,400 employees, a fleet of hundreds of trucks and trailers, over a hundred units of heavy mechanical engineering equipment, Cranes, marine vessels, and buses and subsidiaries engaged primarily in logistics, importation and marketing of trucks and heavy equipment, specialized transportation fields and other related sectors, Taavura is well positioned to capitalize on opportunities to ensure its continuing growth.

Over the last 5 years, Taavura has dramatically expanded its activities in Israel and abroad entering new fields such as car and trucks importation (Europe), public transportation, crane services and other sectors related to the Group's core activities.

Taavura established Israel's first road transport museum.

The museum, locate near Taavura home base in Ramla, concentrate on vehicles that had worked in Israel during the 30-years period from 1948 to 1978; trucks that accurately represented those used by the pioneers.

The museum is open to visitors all year round. Admission free.

For more details please call +972-54-7913311/21

Taavura Holdings Ltd.

2 Hahazon St.

P.O.B. 320 Ramla 72102 Israel

Tel: +972-8-9270420, Fax: +972-8-9785020, E-mail: taavura@taavura.co.il

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