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Magnum winter project

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Yeah ........you should see what owning a B Model feels like too. When out on the road with a B Model everbody is looking at you. They want what you own and are drooling terribly over it. They don't care if it is slow....they don't care if it's fast......all they can see is BIG....BOLD.....and Beautiful.....with great lines, rounded fenders and curved cab, also round headlights, Reminds me.....I got to hurry out to the garage, so I can pretend mine is back together. Can't help it that i've lost it because mine has been down too long.


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Damned if I know,every once in awhile this damn thing switches letter size and style.I'll have to get my 12 yr. old to figger it out for me.

LMAO! pretty much how it goes here! my 9 year old boy tells me what i'm doing wrong!...........................Mark

Mack Truck literate. Computer illiterate.

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A little more progress on the Magnum. Have the cab sitting on the new frame and have stripped all the old air lines and wiring. Removed the rear ends and suspension to go over them too. Get everything into shape and get it back into a rolling chassis to get ready for a coat of paint!


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