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  1. Okay thanks for the info. Now I'll see what I can find.
  2. I was wondering if someone could tell me what the difference is between a T-2180 and a T-318 transmission. I'm wanting to replace my eaton 10 speed with a mack 18 speed and I'm trying to decide which I should try to find. Thanks.
  3. I have one with over 700,00 miles and 28,000 hours and the engine has never been into. Mainly just a few oil leaks, exhaust manifold gaskets and studs, and wire harness issues. I really can't complain. Still runs good.
  4. Oh don't worry about it ending. With a truck, it's never done! I'm just mesmerized and realizing how lazy I really am.
  5. If it's a Behr electric clutch, I had the same problem on mine. Dealer told me you couldn't rebuild it. Had to buy the whole bearing assembly and seems like they wanted like $650 or $700? I can't remember now but I took it apart like you did and went and found bearings. Had it going the same day for around $20 if I remember right. I think there was one available at that time though. Trey
  6. Just glad you remember the scratch sequence to get the 'ole memory workin. Trey
  7. Welcome aboard! I'm only about 80 miles north of you. Trey
  8. Congrats! Glad to hear you're doing better! Trey
  9. That just means the rest of us have to step up to the plate and vote him out. I'd rather go down swingin'! Trey
  10. I looked mine over real close and reused them. I torqued to specs but can't remember what that was right now. I've run it over a year and haven't had any problems but I checked them often after I did it. I think it was around $400 for a set at that time.
  11. Don't worry about the little things Olive. It'll drive you nuts. Unless you're already there, I don't know where it'll drive you. Trey
  12. Wow! Nice find. I hope I can find one like that someday.
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