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Anyone seen this happen to a tire?


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Looking at your pic, looks like it is caused by side scuffing or blunt impact, usually means the belt(s) split for want of a better word. Probbly the age of the tire added to it. Me, I'd look inside the casing and see if its split there to, if not I personally would run them but keep a close eye on them. Paul


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They were new... 4 months ago so I cant say old tire. They are on the rear end.

What are you guys paying that are running the 10.00 tires for a new tire? Lug or Highway.

Just because you bought them 4 months ago doesn't mean they are new. If they sat in a warehouse for several years, they are still old. Check the DOT number for the date code to be sure.

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Update, I found a guy with 4 virgin 90% tread lug tires I bought today pretty cheap. Guess il be mounting 4 tires now but it sure will look alot better with them too.

So , I will have two barely used 10.00 tires , highway tread with no cracks or weather checking if anyone needs them. Also a PTO set up off the Mack.

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If I am seeing it correctly you have cracks at the base of the grooves (groove cracking). This condition can be caused by high side forces applied to a rib type tire. Can also be caused by petroleum damage, weathering, or exhaust on drive tires. If cracks are greater than 2/32" contact the tire manufacturer. Can be caused by tight turns.

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