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  1. Keep posting. It's always interesting to see the photos and history behind them.
  2. Was the b model full flow filter mounted to the cowl panel ( in front of side vent) a factory option or just for v8 powered trucks? If it was a factory option I might try to find the cowl bracket and mount the full flow outside when I swap engines.
  3. Looks nice. What are the specs. I didn't know you could still get the Mack ( triangle cut out) wheels. I always liked them
  4. I have one new in the box. I have find it
  5. the tube 22" aluminum wheels are going to be for sale but the budd hubs are staying put. I need some variety. Out of 20 Macks I will have two on Budds. I think thats enough.
  6. Just looked at the before pics. Did he have new sides put in the body or did they put dummy panels in? It also looked like he switched the rears from 24" to 24.5?
  7. Nice truck. B-D heavy weight body and 58's on spokes. Who lettered it?
  8. maxidyne237

    F model

    Here is a pic. I guess a sideways pic is better than no pic at all.
  9. maxidyne237

    F model

    Well Joe the truck is a low mileage western fs795lt day cab. 865 V8 dynatard with a five speed. Pretty neat little truck. My brother was out there visiting his in laws over Thanksgiving and found it, drove it and bought it. The rest is history. I figured it wouldn't take up much space and would look good in the line up.
  10. maxidyne237

    F model

    No it's headed to my yard
  11. Any chance both of you guys could post pics? Also where is your location? I have a chrome bumper that is in nice shape that is coming off the truck that might be up your alley ranch hopper
  12. I am looking for a factory aluminum western F model front bumper. Let me know what you have . Thanks
  13. I need a f model single axle moved. Truck is 10' high and 15' long. Would need to be moved on a drop deck. Thanks
  14. I am still looking for the Superliner II extended bumper brackets for the standard stamped bumper. Pm me with what you have Posted a pic from a fellow menmber to show which one i am looking for. thanks
  15. Dont you split just the top two gears? Its just a trdl1070 with the split blocked off right?
  16. Apgar Bros Bound Brook NJ, and Mystic (now Anchor) bulk carriers(all KW now)
  17. Why did Mack choose to use straight frame rails on the CH when they had used "splayed" frame rails on every other past model except the Western trucks. Didnt they used to advertise the strength and engine room of the splayed rails in maketing at one point?
  18. Thats amazing that the stamp survives
  19. Just think about how much more fuel tax revenue they get from trucks that get far less fuel mileage.
  20. You bring up excellent points that are all true. Why Mack haddent made an indestructable transmission by the time the 300 series came out is beyond me. They should have got it right with the 200 series. I personally would take a Mack trans over a Fuller . When putting a "driver" behind the wheel with a range shifted trans the Fuller wins.
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