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That thing looks Tuf. Could probably do without the graphics myself.

heh,,heh,,A guy passed me coming home from church today in an old dodge with a cummins, I swear he had 2 straight stacks coming out of bed behind back window that looked as big round as 55 gallon drums and stuck way up in the air. He had it firewalled, black smoke was rolling, and it was loud! It was just an old junky looking pickup and I think stacks may have outweighed it,,,,randy

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This is the best looking truck that I have seen! i really like the looks of this truck!..........Mark

I've always liked that one too.


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I'd have to say I like the B better;of course,as you may have guessed,older is better in my world... B)



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its hard to put a sleeper on a B and make it look rite i think the guy did a very good job. i think i would trade my rawhide for it????????????

You're right, it is hard to put a sleeper on a B-model and have it look "right" that one looks like an able body or a restrite, both were designed to fit macks, i saw country singer waylon jennings B-75 back a few years ago, was a good looking truck that used to tour with his band, only thing i did'nt like about it was the peterbilt 36" single bunk, backed by another 36" used for storage.....was kinda "cheezy looking" i thought, i'd rather see an old aluminum mercury on something like this, but thats just me..........Mark

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