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Aw shoot Barry, forgot all about adding it here. My bad.

Bought a Mack bag off Ebay for $20, went to Azone and got a set of squirters(with white LED's), some rubber line, Radio shack had button. A few days(over 2 wk time period) and it was all installed and working.

Now I have windshield squirters to clean the bugs off or just get rid of the dirt smears. Nice/simple upgrade.

Herb, that's an AWESOME Chevelle. I'm a true blue Ford guy, but anything 60's muscle is cool stuff. It's got all the neato 70's hot rod parts in it(cragars, ladderbars, 4 spd, etc). I'm lost in the 70's when it comes to cars(and trucks). The new crap don't do anything for me(like Codington or Foose) with their 30" wheels and rubber band tires. JUNK!!! All flash!

I still have the Chevy mag that I got the idea to build my blower car from. It had a 62 Bel air with 409/blown that was Ragoon red, black pleated interior, cragars. That was early 80's(like 81). I like those full size cars, but since I turned Ford I had to do a Galaxie. I'm still thinking of installing a straight axle, but want to find another frame since mine is all restored(rebuilt) and don't want to cut it up. Hot Rod mag did a thing on straight axle cars about a year back and that just made me want to do it even more. Someday.






1959 B61 Liv'n Large......................

Charter member of the "MACK PACK"


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Pretty popular on Ebay right now. Couple guys have been advertising them.

I was going with the old plastic bottle off something until these came up. Thought it would fit the part better than a plastic bottle :D

My '67 F100 has same type bag on it. I was thinking of duplicating the sheetmetal bracket to hang on B, but the stainless hooks were simplier :wacko: . Not quite as "factory looking"........but then again WHO CARES? :pat:



1959 B61 Liv'n Large......................

Charter member of the "MACK PACK"


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If you are interested in the washer bags, they were used on Studebakers and they have been reproduced and may still be available from Studebaker International, in Greenfield, IN. They are red with a Studebaker logo which can be removed with acetone, but of course no Mack logo. (317) 462-3124

Here is the link.


Fords also used them in the mid to late 50's and they may be available from reproduction Ford vendors like Dennis Carpenter, in NC with a Ford logo.


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2 stick i could be wrong it might had been the 409 but i know the ole impalla SS would run like a dog w/ its tween its legs . & was running high & low 10's on the track w/o NOS

later yall


You Cant Fix Stupid. But You Can Numb It With A Sledgehammer. :loldude:

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Nice Mack,,I noticed your rad shell,,,or whatever you call it is now chrome,,,did you have it chromed or is this aftermarket..I just acquired my Mack,,it was put in my hands to save it from the SHREDDER. Not sure what to do with it,,,told the honey I could slide a camper into the box and call it our motorhome LOL

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Aw, what the hell, here's another OT post.

Looking at your Ford brought back memories of my reckless youth, and the 1969 Chevelle that I had back then.

It started out as a Malibu with a 307,powerglide and 10 bolt open rear with rust holes in the fenders and quarterpanels and gradually over a couple of years I kept finding parts and changing things around

Had to get rid of that powerglide! Automatics are against my religion!!!!!

The finished product in the photos had a 427 'Vette engine bored 30 over, 13.5 :1 pistons, Crower solid lifter cam, Hooker headers, Edelbrock Tarantula Manifold, Holley double pumper, Accel dual point distributor

Scattershield etc.

Trans was M22 Rock Crusher 4 speed with 4.11 posi 12 bolt rear with ladder bars.

TRW heavy duty front coil springs

Air shocks in the rear

Cragar Super Sport wheels

I never ran it at a track, it was a street machine.

My favorite saturday afternoon activity at that time was to drop the headermufflers and blast around town with open headers.




That reminds me of my '70 Chevelle SS engine-I had a tarantula intake too,same valve covers,same Accel Super coil,same air filter-about all the filter you could have and close the hood without a scoop.I bought it from a friend of mine and he wanted to keep the turbo 400 trans. to put in his blazer,so I went to a junkyard and got all the parts and linkage and put an M-22 Muncie in it too. It had a .030 over 402 in it,not quite as hot as yours,ran 13.80's on street tires with the stock rear,3.70's I think. A long time ago-as what's his name sings,thanks for the memories.

Producer of poorly photo-chopped pictures since 1999.

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