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    Currently restoring 1941 K1 International pickup,,also have 1941 KB5 for a future project
  1. OH this is special...I removed side covers on 401 gas engine to find that the lifter on #4 has fallen out/over...I can feel it up in there,,seems loose, it's laying sideways but can't seem to lift it out..my guess is somehow it broke..That's enough excitement for me! I will either sell this truck or put a liner in the dump box and use it for a hot tub!
  2. Thanks,,I will fog,,pour transmission oil down cylinders and tap at valves through plug holes.. I really don't want to remove head. Fortunately a blizzard rolled through today so I did not start removing head. OT I have been delivering some Mack Pinnacles with Volvo engines and 18 speed automatics,,,the epitamy of laziness for the driver but they work really well,,usually grossing 130k with A-trains
  3. Thanks guys,,yes #1 is at the rad,,,next to number 2,,,seems the problem is stuck intake valves on #2,3,4 and 5,,,looks like the head has to come off,,,tried freeing up # 2 through the side cover but it is really stiff and the rest will be nearly impossible to get any leverage on,,can't believe how much prying pressure to get ér down,,,We had the truck running last summer and pretty dissappointing to see this mess... This whole problem started with pouring gas down carb to start engine,,,,later found carb plugged,,the gas washed all the oil off valves leaving it to rust over the winter,,,Ya ,,,whoa is me
  4. I cannot get 401 Maxidyne gas engine started although timing is correct,,new points etc,,and with the way it is misfiring and will not start it has been suggested possibly #1 cylinder is not at the radiator but is located at the firewall. Does anyone know if this is the case?
  5. Rob,,there is no hole in bottom of my flywheel cover other than a very small 3/8 for greasing throwout bearing I suspect...If the timing marks are back there does this mean #1 firing piston is at the firewall? Currently the truck won't start,,although I did have it running a few months ago.
  6. Hello I am trying to find timing marks on my 402 Mack gas engine,, the one on the crank pulley is obvious however the one on block or whatever eludes me,,,Is it the 3 dots on the bottom of crossmember,,or the 3 scratches on top of the crossmember?? I can find absolutely no information on this engine,,points gap,,plug gap etc...any help would be greatly appreciated..I do know the timing is 3btc thanx
  7. Hello,,I talked to friends in MN,, they said it took them 2 years to get a title,,,mailing things back and forth,,,who knows. Here in Ontario you go into a (privately operated) DMV with your bill of sale,,if the vehicle has not been plated for 5 years they have you sign a afadavit, pay sales tax and then hand you your new registration,,takes about 10 minutes
  8. Hello Nice Mack,,I noticed your rad shell,,,or whatever you call it is now chrome,,,did you have it chromed or is this aftermarket..I just acquired my Mack,,it was put in my hands to save it from the SHREDDER. Not sure what to do with it,,,told the honey I could slide a camper into the box and call it our motorhome LOL
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