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  1. Had the invite to Joe's. Really wanted to get over there but work and some other things didn't allow it to happen. Hopefully next time.
  2. I could swear that in National Lampoons Vacation, after they run the family truckster off the road in the desert, that there is a gutted B Model at the service station that fixes the car
  3. I am also heading to Walcott. No truck, as mine is in pieces
  4. There are a bunch of trucks that show up at the RB Auction in Morris with the same quick red paint. They all have the same paint graphics on them. I have heard that they come from a place that puts wrecked trucks back together
  5. I believe I saw this one hauled off on a low boy Monday. My shop is right down the road from RB Morris
  6. Maddog, We must have just crossed paths, as these werent on the blue floor yet when I left Thursday. Nice units
  7. I was at Pierce Manufacturing the last two days and spotted two identical Mack tenders going to the same department. Snapped a photo
  8. I am 35. I bought my macks when I was about 28. I didnt grow up around trucks. I became a gear head in high school and wanted to buy a muscle car (chevelle, camaro, etc) to work on, restore and drive. My parents didn't take to that idea so it never happened. Going through school and during summers off when I was teaching I drove brand X dump trucks and thats probably where I caught the truck bug. I have been fortunate enough to buy my house and build my shop when I was 27. Upon completion of the shop, I started to look for that vehicle restoration project and that is where my trucks came into play. Due to time, money, space, I sold one and am concentrating on the other. One of these days, I am going be driving around in a brand new B-61! My son, who is six is a truck nut. Hopefully I can keep him interested in trucks, tractors, etc because I think it would be cool do another truck as a father son project
  9. Tomorrow I will have to go out and look at this a little closer, in the mean time, with the information given, I have been looking at gallery pics and am thinking that I have the thing in there right, but again will take a closer look Thanks Dave
  10. The piece I am refering to is the actually crossmember in the frame, that the engine would sit on not the piece on the engine itself.
  11. Maybe someone can give me some help. With all of the pictures and notes taken during my disassembly, I failed to note the direction of the engine mount cross member. The truck is a B61 with the 673. There is a raised number in the casting. Does the number face front of truck or the rear? Any help would be great. Dave
  12. Painted the engine this weekend. Started to put things back together and didnt like the wobble in the shaft of the water pump. Probably should look for another one. Not sure how I missed this when I took everything apart, but oh well The frame pic is deceiving as the chain holding it up isnt real visible, it does look to float!
  13. The truck does have the 34000rear, and triplex. The frame rails are in a DuPont epoxt primer, and the black parts (trunnion and crossmembers) are in POR-15. Once the axels and the suspension etc are attached I will prep and paint as a unit. I change my mind daily about an underside color. I dont really want black...leaning towards a navy blue??
  14. I like the military vehicles. I have a collection of the smaller, a CUCV blazer and pickup. My dad also has a MUTT (M151A, I think) A five ton wrecker is on my wish list.
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