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  1. Used Double Coin for years, no problems. Good quality, good price.
  2. Always used Peak Final Charge Global 50-50 premixed in my trucks. I think it is red.
  3. Have run lots of Double Coin steer tires. Never any problems. Held up well. Good price.
  4. Used Baldwin exclusively for oil, fuel and coolant filters. Never had a problem with them.
  5. Have run lots of Double Coin steer tires. Never any problems. Held up well. Great price. Would buy them again.
  6. Have run lots of Double Coins as steer tires. Never had a problem. Held up well. Good price.
  7. Big dog: Welcome to Ga. Where is the truck salvage yard? Kerns outside Hotlanta?
  8. Wish you lived near Savannah, Ga. Run in and out of the port Mon - Fri 6:30 am - @ 5:00 pm Round trip is a LONG five miles Home very night. Looking for drivers (who, like you, can actually drive. What a crazy concept).
  9. MightyFruit: Glad I could help. I've gotten so much good advice on this site over the years, I'm pleased to be able to return the favor.
  10. MightyFruit: The value of your truck is its current fair market value established by sales of comparable trucks in your area. This is likely set out in your insurance policy (the fine print boilerplate that no one, including me, reads until its too late Any specialty equipment you can document may help increase the fair market value (ie the 460 engine etc). A vehicle appraiser with experience with class 8 trucks may help get the FMV up (it costs some but I'd pay a couple hundred bucksto get a couple thousand more every day of the week). Add in tax tag and title. I assume your fuel tanks were
  11. Norway: Thanks. Where in Mass? (that's we're I grew up). Happy to buy it and have it shipped.
  12. Anyone know where I can get a heavy duty 1" thick hitch plate with the "Mack" script or block letters cut into it?
  13. Thanks Rob This is not the first time you have saved my a@&
  14. Can't fuel my ford f-250 up with out fuel blowing back out of the tank every 2-3 gallons. Any ideas?
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