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  1. Different...... but damn clever. As the saying goes, " there's operators and there's OPERATORS"
  2. Rob, those 125 series eaton boxes were pretty strong. I had an RTO 12515 in my White behind 400 cummins that put out around 1150 ft/lbs stock, but as mine was "tickled" up a little would have been closer to 420 and 1250 ft/lbs, which is max rating for that series box. I used to pull 35 tonne containers around with it and never had a wimper out of the box. The ol' detroit 2 strokes weren't big on torque so quite a lot of the 8V92TTA's at 475 only put out about 950 ft/lbs. We had a saying at one place I worked, "constant noise, variable power". If you're not gonna pull heavy loads and make the engine make full power, the 12513 should survive just fine. There used to be an old W model running from Melbourne to Sydney about 10 years ago that was imported from the States back in the late 70's. It was looonng wheelbase by our standards, 42 inch bunk, 4 tanks, and a 12V71T up the front. Sweet sound it made too. Very unique. I think it was only putting out around 600 hp tho. P.S. When you get here to Australia, I am pretty sure I can get you a trip in a road train, just be aware that alcohol is the alternative currency. Lol.
  3. I can only hope Mack honor their warranties better than Volvo. Our FH16 had a new engine in March as per Volvo recall (see my previous post), and since then has been back to Volvo 3 times for different things. Last week the starter jammed on, so they came out and replaced it, and sent a bill. They also mentioned the water pump was leaking. When questioned about warranty they said no, truck is over a year old. When reminded that the engine was new in March, as in an out of the crate brand new engine, same reply, no warranty! The boss then questioned them about a second hand truck he had just signed for with a new 520 (yep brand new crate engine), and got told the same thing, no warranty as truck is second hand. He then took great delight in telling them to rip up the sales contract and stick their truck where the sun don't shine!!!
  4. Yeah, bloody insurance is ridiculous, and the restrictions on activities in relation to public proximity is so restrictive, it's hardly worth it. We have a steam and traction rally near here (Booleroo Centre) every couple of years, and any time there is a display of working machinery, the barricades are so far from the display, you nearly need binoculars. Except for the ploughing display between 2 massive steam tractors. Could see those monsters from the space shuttle.
  5. Rob, I know when my parents go overseas, they have an "international" drivers licence which they organize here before they leave. Not having driven overseas I don't know the details, but I guess your local motoring organization could help. As for a car, I guess as has been said buying one would be best to see you round for 6 weeks or so, probably the cheapest option. I can't guarantee a drive of a road train, but a ride is pretty much ok, although I should have mentioned a round trip is about 11 hours!!! Maybe if you ask nice, you might get a steer up the road a bit, away from the authorities so to speak. And don't worry about driving here, pedals are in the same position, just opposite side of the car, along with the steering wheel.
  6. Hey Rob, if you get to Port Pirie in South Australia, I might be able to get you a trip in that Superliner that's in my avatar, or one of it's brothers. They do double road train acid tankers. Give us a yell if you get this way.
  7. ciw65

    Price Of Fuel

    Well no surprises here, diesel is now AU$1.86 per litre. Which converted is around US$7.32 a US gallon. Wanna start a pool to see who hits 10 bucks a gallon first!!!
  8. I don't care what anyone says, that is one DAMN GOOD operator. Used to work with an older fella once who was a gun excavator operator. His favourite trick on construction sites was to freak out the new blokes down the pipe trenches tamping in pipes by tapping them on the shoulder with the trenching bucket. Was a scream to see the reactions.
  9. Bet you suddenly sat a couple inches higher when that happened. Damn lucky is all I can say.
  10. I've heard of takin' everything including the kitchen sink, but maaaaaaattee, really, c'mon.......
  11. Welcome Knobby, and your good wife. Think the last B model I saw working was a few years ago now in western Qld somewhere. Still pulling double turd herders around a station. No where as good looking as that one though, time and neglect had got the better of her. Can understand about parking up the Superdog, fuel is ridiculous. Kinda glad I sold my old girl before I went broke when fuel was 97c a litre. Tough decision all the same. I take my hat off to any owner driver who can keep going in this climate. Oh, yeah, if Rob gets too much, send him my way, I got loads of work in the pit in the workshop to keep him occupied.
  12. Welcome rowdy, and yep, it's got a 'dog on the hood, so you're good in here.
  13. Hi Stephan and welcome. A couple of guys in Australia got bored one weekend and did the same thing, but at home with a Cummins big cam turbo, some scrap steel, welder and an LPG gas bottle for fuel supply. Somehow they avoided blowing themselves and everything within 500 yards into orbit. This thing screamed. There was a website around for it, think it was called fulbosjet.net or something like that. Good luck with your hobby, as an ex jet fighter engine tech, I love playing with this sort of thing. Have drawn a few rough plans for a small axial flow zero by-pass engine, but as you say, the turbine gets expensive for materials.
  14. Reminds me of one of my first trips as a driver doing Adelaide to Darwin pulling 3 in a 1980? KW cabover with crowbar suspension (torque rod). With a very sick 400 Cat 3406B and 15 speed direct, 44,000 rockwells and no cab suspension to speak of, just the movement in the front mount bushes. Made it up the Pimba jump ups with 1 gear left before stopping to select deep reduction. From memory total trip time one way was something like 52 hours which included a total of 6 hours sleep on the way. And in some places I think dirt would have been better than the tarmac. I think I nearly did backflips at one point as I managed to hold 90 km/h (55 mph) for about 3 miles. Fastest stretch of the whole trip.
  15. Do you guys over there have powauto gear?? They are probably one of the most common names in pto's here. Not too bad on price and huge range. Most of the gear here runs countershaft driven pto's. Except cement agitators which now mostly run off the balancer as they don't stop turning when the clutch is disengaged. Better for round town stuff. The gearing is dependent on your input gear to countershaft gear ratio as well as the countershaft pto drive gear to the pto gear.
  16. What sort of diff we talking here. And you said the back of the front diff??? If it's the flange on the back of a conventional front diff, you can pull it out a little and clean it up with spray solvent or degreaser and re-seal it with silicone. Just DON'T pull the shaft out too far, or you WILL drop the diff lock collar into the diff. We are talking 3/4 to an inch MAX movement here.
  17. As previously stated jack it up, get the weight off, then pull the grease nipple out and I use an o ring pick to dig any old hardened grease out, then put in a new grease nipple. Get someone to turn the steering while it's still jacked up and try greasing it then. Get them to hold it hard on each lock too, as this puts sideways pressure on the steering knuckles and may move them enough to get fresh grease in. Only ever had one king pin I could never get grease into, and had to strip it down. Was stuffed totally and rusted, so nuthin' was getting in there. I used to have a grease gun (til someone needed it more than me), that was dual action. High volume or high pressure, you just pushed the pivot pin for the trigger on the handle across one side or the other. Great for dry spring pins and shackles.
  18. Yep, our E-tech did it. When I did the in chassis rebuild down the pit doing the bearings I felt dripping down my neck, figured it was oil so ignored it. Then got a drip on my glasses and could see through it so gulped and went Oh dear, this doesn't look good. You know that feeling, sump off, heads off, liners out, cooling system drained and you still got water dripping. So investigated and found water dripping from under the cam. Now this just isn't right! Near climbed inside the crankcase at this point and found it coming from a "hole" in the block. The compressor mounting hole that is. Got fingers in there and found water in the compressor drive adapter housing. Pulled compressor head off and found water tracks to both cylinders from water jackets in the head. Was a first for me, but lesson learnt, Never say never!
  19. Ok, I'll stick my hand up in the ignorance field here. I guess they use the radiator shutters to control the engine temp. See you can learn something at my age. I still don't like the idea of compressor coolant lines being blocked off. Only one word comes to mind - EXPENSIVE-
  20. They advertised the output here at 610, but I can tell you one reason they never put them that high in the states, economy, or lack of. AFD in Alice Springs were running them in the first of their Titans, pulling Quad road trains ( 4 trailers), of fuel tankers and were getting an average of 0.8 km per litre. That's 1.88 mpg roughly. They converted their fleet to Signatures at 600 hp and doubled the economy. When the E-tech 470 came out here in late '98 we were only on euro 2 emission spec as well. I agree that it must have something to do with emissions though. Not sure what the official peak output of the 470 is, whether it's 470 peak or a touch more. Like getting secrets outta the CIA here getting info out of Mack.
  21. What? No lengths of pipe lying around??? LOL. You got the idea though. Just forgot to mention though, after about 500 miles with a load on, is a good idea to get that big sucker out again and heave away. Makes sure the U bolts are tight after the springs settle. We check all our U bolts on spring suspension once a year. Is surprising how much turn you can get on some of them, especially the low loaders doing dirt work.
  22. We had a machine when I was in the RAAF called a pentagraph. Basically it was an oversized version of a sketch-a-graph like were around in the 70's. Every second kid had one. Except it has a motorized tool tip in it for cutting brass, steel, plastic etc. If you can find one and give them the original decal plate, they can make an exact copy out of the original material. The black with white writing type plastic plates are actually 3 layer laminated plastic, white sandwiched in between 2 layers of black. The guys made a brass plaque for my Daughters grave in Darwin with one. Very professional job. Try hunting around the yellow pages for signwriters or something similar. Guarantee if they know what they're doing you won't pick the difference between a copy and original. This is a 3" x 1" plate on a presentation plaque I got when I left the RAAF. It's actually black plastic laminated with a brass finish plastic. Anything can be pentagraphed though. Sorry about the clarity of the pic though, only had my phone to use.
  23. Well done fella. I have been following this topic with interest. Am keen to see the pics.
  24. Nail on the head Skip. This snotter came standard with an intercooler. I gave up in frustration today as only thing coming up was an intermittent inactive oil pressure sender electrical fault which I know about. I couldn't find diddly on the internet, so I rang Mack head office in Brisbane with a little story about truck being stuck in outback NSW on its way to Brisbane. They put me through to the workshop at dealership down the road and in 5 minutes on the phone to this bloke I got more info than in 5 months from Mack in Adelaide. Pulled the fuel pump and hey presto, the drive gear is spinning merrily on its own, completely disengaged from the brass centre. Think only by the grace of God this thing was running at all. New pump be here tonight. Talk about going backwards in technology. I remembr as an apprentice doing the fibre timing gears in Holden red motors! Thanks for your input though, appreciate your time. Be glad when this bucket is burnt to the ground.
  25. Freightrain, never torqued a spring pack u-bolt in my life. Just one tension for them, F/T. F*&%ing tight! I also use a smear of never seize on them too. Last spring pack i did was on a tri-axle trailer, and final tension was done with a 3/4" drive socket and a 4 foot bar.
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