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  1. I admire your effort, persistence and dedication. All the best Roland Sydney Australia
  2. G'day Paul, Yes I agree that one window down seems to work better. I tried two partially down on the way back and felt hotter, even though the sun was pretty much behind and to the left. Yeah, the RR probably only needs bearings and shifter work, but I like the taller overdrive of the Mack box compared to what the RR can offer. It'd be nice to get 100kmh... Roland
  3. G'day Vlad, Thank you for taking the time to reply in detail I have the same problem on rough roads. My foot pumps the throttle and makes it much worse, especially in the first 5 gears. Last week I went for a drive to fuel up at a new truck stop near work. It's was 34°C in the shade. So I grabbed myself a small can of Coke Zero and then instead of just driving the truck back to work, I drove to a Gleeman's. They're a truck spare parts and wrecking yard about 45 minutes drive from where I work and about 20 minutes from my home. It was the first time I have driven the truck on a hot day. PHEW! I had both front vents open, as well as the roof and drivers side bunk vent. Stopped at traffic lights, was like being in hell or Pizza Oven as a mate of mine calls his F model hahaha. Once moving the air flow was quite comfortable though. Mine has a worn out 9 speed overdrive Road Ranger. I have been experimenting and I now only use five gears when taking off from traffic lights with the Maxidyne. 2nd, 4th then split to high for 6th gear, then 8th, then 9th. I have to drive it like a 5 speed Maxitorque and wait for the revs to drop on each gear change. Otherwise I can drive it like a hot rod using all 8 (not low). It's impressive if I get it right. Embarrassing when I don't hahaha. I think I want to change it back to a 6 speed over drive twin stick Maxitorque TRDXL 10780 as the overdrive will be .62 with 6.34 diffs... Here's us on our wedding day. I didn't know my lady was filming at first. I thought she was just talking to me Hahahaha... Keep warm over there mate Roland
  4. Wow! Fantastic story. Thank you for sharing. Roland
  5. Welcome Philippe, I'm 52 and finally realised my dream of owning an F model in 2016 also. Looking forward to seeing pictures of you Mack. All the best Roland
  6. G'day Vlad, She's a good looking truck. Does it ride well with the air bags? Tell us about the engine, transmission and diff ratios please. Looked like a nice drive home, but perhaps a little cold hahaha. All the best Roland
  7. G'day Vlad, Good to hear from you. Did you ever read my story of how a purchased my Mack and drove it home? http://www.hcvc.com.au/forum/OldTruck/15533-my-f711-rst-nullarbor-adventure All the best Roland
  8. G'day Bob, The ladies were driven to the chapel in a vintage saloon. The best man and I went to the chapel in the Mack, then my bride and I did the shorter trip back to the reception in the MACK for a bit of fun 😆 All the best Roland
  9. I ended up buying the truck mentioned above. Not from the guy that "restored" it, but from a fellow Mack enthusiast in Kalgoorlie that was hoping to put it back to work. Due to a growing business and mine sites being reluctant to allow a near 50 year old truck onsite, he had to let it go and buy a newer truck. It's far from restored. It's tidy on the outside and pretty much as it finished it career on the inside. She's a '68 F711-RST. Cross over steering shaft. Originally a long wheelbase rigid for Wrights Cattle Transport fitted with a C motor, quad box and 34,000 rear end. At some stage the wheelbase was shortened up into a prime mover, 44,000 rear end fitted with 6:34's. A 9sp over drive Road Ranger. The motor is stamped as a C, but it's actually a 237 Maxidyne. The original hard seat base on the drivers side (RHD) has been cut out and an old Mack suspension seat fitted in it place. I recently removed plywood additions to the centre console as most of the extra switches and gauges aren't connected. I also replaced the Push Pull Park Brake Valve as it was leaking profusely in the parked position via the foot valve. She holds start air for about 4-5 days and starts first go, even if parked for over a month. My short term goals are to tighten up the gear linkages, soften up the rear Spring packs and refurbish the semi custom cab suspension that was fitted at some stage. I also am hoping to fit a suspension seat for my lady... All the best Roland Sydney Australia
  10. I always thought a Glider Kit was all new except the rear end?
  11. Unless I am mistaken u models came  out in66 ,same as r  models the company I hauled steel for used  u and r models, day cabs.237 maxidynes .I  didn't like the long  crooked shift levers on the u,but they backed up easier.The company started buying f model sleeper cabs around the time I left. Figures!

  12. Retro,you seem to have it figured out on tire pressure! When I was hauling steel in an r model tandem tractor comeback susp. The company had me  "bobtail" a tractor 250mi from Pittsburgh pa. To buffalo ny. Knowing how rough the thing rode  "bobtail"  I dropped the drive tires to 50lbs from 90. Much better! This was 1974 and they were 1100/20 bias ply tires they have a stiffer sidewall than modern radials,so I'll bet if you are running "bias" you could run 30 psi long term. If you don't have power strg.you could. Probably drop it unit it affects your steering. The damn spell check changed camelback to comeback! Also, do you guys get "Jay Lenos Garage in Australia? I'd like to see  him drive a  road train.might have a little trouble with a two stick, but he's already driven a road ranger.

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