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  1. Hi Larry, Recognized your B61 from Wellington where we spoke a few minutes last September. Your suggestion sounds good, i'll try it, thanks. Yes, I imagine the housing comes off while the steering "rod" remains attached to the box. I just want enough room to paint the interior the original green instead of the red someone before me did. Bill Alexander Mansfield, Ohio
  2. I need to remove the steering wheel and column from my B61 for interior restoration. I don't see an obvious removal process such as locations to apply a wheel puller. Might someone be so kind as to suggest a way? Bill
  3. I had two H67s back in the early 70s, paid $2750 for my 61 in 1969 and $1800 for my 59 in 1970. Wish I still had just one of them today. I was at a show in Eastern Ohio yesterday and sat in two H 67s from the early 60s and looked at a third that was registered as a 1964 H63, not H67. Thought Mack stopped production of the H models in 1962 when the F model came out.
  4. Thanks Rob and others. One hinge has no play, one does. I'll see if I can follow your suggestions. Bill Mansfield, OH
  5. Any one have any experience repairing worn door hinges? I'm thinking of using Chevy truck bushings and pin as suggested in a recent reprinted article in Auto Restorer. Bill Mansfield ohio
  6. Name: Mack B61ST (1965) Date Added: 01 July 2008 - 07:44 AM Owner: wale Short Description: Refitted with a 675 diesel and Mack air ride. Sleeper was added also by previous owner. Original triplex was reinstalled View Vehicle
  7. My 65 B61ST has a kingpin that refuses to take grease even after using an air pressure grease gun. I've resisted trying to heat it since the front axle is off a 91 Mack and may have plastic. The truck sat for quite a while before i got it and steering was awful until i got some grease into it. Turns left normally now, but right turns are a real chore. Thought on how to rectify this issue?
  8. Thanks to those who made suggestions. Problem is solved. I bought a new gasket/o ring from NAPA and immediately knew it would seal correctly. It did. Thanks
  9. Packer, Good thoughts, thanks. Yes, a little leak makes a big mess!! I've got 60-70 lbs of absorbant underneath plus a pail full of oil to show for the several attempts I have made. I was suprised the new filter (Wix) didn't come with a new ring. I called Watt's today and the parts man is looking into a new ring. Might have to buy another filter with new ring included. Make one up? That's a novel thought. Never tried that before. I'll see about getting an OEM replacement first.
  10. Thanks for that tip. I got a filter same as the one that I pulled out of it. Gasket/o ring appeared undamaged so I used it again. I twice last night tried the tighten slightly/tap procedure you described , but was not successfull. Still leaks. Frustrating. The gasket does not fit snuggly in the groove in the lower half of the filter canister, but I don't have the experience to tell if this is normal. I imagine the next step is to try and find a new gasket. Any suggestions? Bill Make sure you have the right O ring,and the right filter cartridge, if I remember the O ring for the Mack filter is thicker than for a luberfiner. When tightening the clamp, snug it up, then tap all the way around the clamp with a hammer, tighten some more, then tap some more etc. until the clamp is fully seated and the O ring is compressed. Just tightening the clamp without hammering & retightening will not compress the O ring sufficiently. Don't forget to fill the filter housing with oil before starting the engine, and be sure to leave the top plug loose and bleed the air out while the engine is at idle speed. When oil starts escaping around the loose plug, then you can tighten it.
  11. Perhaps someone would be kind enough to offer some advice. While getting my recently acquired 65 B61ST ready for winter storage, all went smoothly except I can't get the luberfiner gasket to seal. This is the first time since 1972 (on an H67) since I did this, but don't recall having any problems previously. nothing appears amiss; gasket has no tears, clamp seems to tighten normally. What might be the problem? Thanks for replies. Bill Alexander Mansfield, Ohio
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