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Picking It Up Monday

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a great big thanks to you jerryb. if not being able to talk to others with the same problems and where it ends i would have dumped thousands into this truck and chalked it up to bad luck. at least this way i have hope of it being okay.

now that i have got rid of mine the water pump and housing is gona fix yours, and it will be trouble free for the next 500,000 miles.

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thats a very nice Truck. looks better IMO also..I sure hope it works out better for you. post up some pics after you get it home.


if it rides,drives and is as quiet as my 2004 cx i will be happy. im still worried about emission system. if i can get 200,000 miles trouble free, i will again be a mack lover, but this is their last chance,mine too. if this one is like the last one ,it will put me under.

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Good luck with It---- looks sharp

What I liked about it,.... Is it has a Custom built for tag on the fuse box ...(means to me customer input in ordering it from the factory) not just a stock truck.

For the future this will be your wish book http://parts.dietersaccessories.com/default.aspx?Display=MackWelcome&CategoryID=5&NewSearch=Reset


Thanks for hearing me out.

You can have the soap box now---------JIM

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Nice truck! The price is low also. I wounder why?, considering a truck like that was sold out of Binghamton Mack for 110 grand. That is the thing with mack . They dont hold there value. The titan is goona be very intresting when the used titans hit the used market and see what kind of price they get for them considering its the most exspensive truck out there now!


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