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  1. Disconnecting or disabling the puff limiter will do absolutely nothing to make the RPM drop quicker. It WILL make the engine accelerate more rapidly once you catch the next higher gear, the side effect being black clouds of smoke from the exhaust until the turbocharger "catches up" & starts pushing in enough air for a clean burn.
  2. I've got a chrome dog that came from a 91 RB sittin' right here on my desk, it's symmetrical & still has the 87931 on it. I had a 96 CL with all Mack drivetrain that had the gold dog on it, that truck also had the Elite package.
  3. I'll never understand why so many people want to change trucks over from spoke wheels to Budds or Unimounts. Wheel wobble on spoke wheels is not an issue if they're "trued up" when installed.
  4. Yup, I'm gettin' "stranger" all the time!!!!!!! How's everything in NY???????
  5. Looking for a good running E7 350 mechanical. Preferably somewhere near Wisconsin.
  6. Paul Bacco & Son Contractors in Stamford CT had some 1955 LJSWX 10 wheeler dump trucks & they all had the typical LJ type 5x2 transmission.
  7. The side gear splines on 34, 38, & 44K Mack carriers are the same. They all use CRDP92 & CRD93 carriers.
  8. PPG 40496 is the original Mack green, just as Mad dog said above.
  9. Don't know, but the 79 & 80 came from Hartford Mack within 6 months of each other.
  10. The 1985 DM686S that I had was equipped with the hood scoop for the tip turbine, and when I worked at AC&S excavating, they had a 1980 DM686SX with the hood scoop, and also a 1979 DM686SX with the double element air cleaner and no scoop.
  11. That's not the original engine if the truck is a 76. Mack started that "ETA" type engine model designation around 1979 or 80. Regarding the "B" meaning Dynatard equipped, that "B" right after the ETA would mean that. The "B" suffix at the end ?? I'm not sure.
  12. If they've got automatic transmissions in them, that pretty much renders any truck useless.
  13. The ENDT673B 225hp Thermodyne was in between the 205 & the 250. It had the piston coolers.
  14. The ENDT673C 250 hp Thermodyne was first offered in 68 or 69 I believe.
  15. As long as it doesn't have a POS automatic transmission in it..............
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