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i am a new member to the site..my dad and i have slowly been working on an h model prodject for about 8 years(when time and money would permit). my dad drove a new H years ago during his driving days...forty years later and 1500 miles away i found a nice one to work on.two weeks ago he handed over the reins to me to finish.(he is 75 this year)



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Great looking H and welcome to the forums.

Could you post some close up pics of the exhaust & brackets behind the cab? Your set-up looks like what I have in mind for my F-model. Thanks!

heh underdog..its just a piece of 5x5 square tubing....feed either from the bottom or the front ..short piece (3inches) of whatever size pipe you are using for stacks welded on the ends.or you can cap the ends and run your stacks out of the top of the tubing.

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Great looking H-model!

and what did you say in your gallery, don't comment on the what?..I didn't see a Volvo anywhere.

I drive a Pete myself, and catch hell from Rob for it all the time, but that's OK, I know it's all in fun.

heh OTHERDOG could you put some more gravel on my driveway..it sure needs it LOL thanks

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Welcome to the forum Greenville Your handle is a lil long, so I dub thee The Greenville H

Don't let the old fella catch you parking it on it nose like you did in that second pic LOL

The truck seems to be comin along nicely. Your Dad must be very proud. Nice work

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GRANDKIDS :Gods little gift to us for not killing our kids while they were growing up

All I want, is just to be luv'd and for my Check Engine light to go out on my Volvo.

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