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  1. Thank GOD she has air ride. I drove cab overs the first five years I drove...man those things will beat hell out of you with out air ride. I have always loved the look of these trucks. Good luck Bro.
  2. I agree 100% with that too. You should have seen all the crap the COPS did to the citizens of New Orleans and area after Katrina rolled through. Makes you wonder if it is still the GOOD OLE U.S.A. sometimes.
  3. I can't help you with this problem just wanted you to know that we are reading your post. Good luck.
  4. Sometimes I wonder who is worse COPS or Criminals. At least with criminals they are Honest about robbing you and you can shoot the S.O.B.S....Cops on the other hand....
  5. Ok everyone. Other than the engine you CAN still get an all MACK drive train...including air ride, front axle , drivers, tranny, ect. I think Dana manufactures the drivers for MACK but the design is all MACK. Please take the time to check out www.macktrucks.com and all their sites. They have sites for Titan Granite and the CH.
  6. RowdyRebel I agree 100% with you on that. My company got hit by FMCSA last year and is telling us that any work performed on the truck has to done by an ASE certified shop and it has to be documented for our monthly maintenance sheets. So I just leave them blank. That really pissed them off. Now they tell me I must put something down every month. I said It is a and it don't break. Dumb ass F.M.C.S.A. IS GONNA DESTROY THIS INDUSTRY!!!!! All these years I have done most of the work on my truck and trailer and last year alone it passed 5 D.O.T. inspections with flying colors.....SO some one please tell me WHY I need some bozo to work on my truck if The DOT has certified it safe to operate 5 times in one year???? Texas, Kentucky, Mississippi, South Dakota and Tennessee all passed the truck and trailer in 2011. Only TX. and KY. gave me the stickers though. The rest of them just gave me a dirty look when I asked Where the heck is my sticker....jackasses! P.S. I haven't gotten into the new year yet it seems. I had to edit this comment because I still put 2010 for last year.
  7. You can now get MACK rears in that ratio and taller...WHY would you want anything else??? Aluminum? Saving weight is one thing but Durability is another. Sorry but my MACK pride was bruised. Nice ride.
  8. If you want to know how smart Obama is just take a look at Who He chose for Vice President.
  10. I do the same thing most of the time but I have found a few MACK dealers who don't have the filters in the box. I let MACK know about that when they sent out a customer service questionnaire. Can you imagine going to a dealer (Robert's International/Volvo/Mack) and they don't have All the filters. No Centrimax oil filter and none of the fuel filters...If memory serves. I had to tell them about how my local dealer has them all boxed up specific to the engine. Their parts guys probably thought I was high on crack. Oh well. If I have the time I Let MACK do all my P.M. so I have a record for the company so they don't whine to much. They got HAMMERED by the F.M.C.S.A. this past year. F.M.C.S.A. = SS or maybe the GESTAPO or maybe the K.G.B.. I can see a day when a driver runs over a nail at a job site gets to a scale with a low tire and they shoot him/her in the head. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE.
  11. Glad to hear you did ok last year...been real slow my way since Thanksgiving too. I need to call ole Joe. Heard he went back to local work. I hope the freight picks up this year. I did ok last year but still hard to find GOOD freight.
  12. Well fellas I ain't a dirt slinging kook but I am a tarp, strap, and chain slinging kook...does that count? Been awhile since I have been on. No lap top and out on the road a lot this past year. Makes it hard to stay in touch.
  13. Yes the Truck is doing good she has 1,076,000 mile on her now. It was a pretty descent year but as usual the freight nearly stopped in December. Doing good though. How have You and Otherdog been?
  14. Mack Doctor Jr. contact Owner Operator Independent Drivers Association better known as O.O.I.D.A., they can help you with the whole process. From insurance to permits business plans everything. 1-800-444-5791 or www.ooida.com . Remember this when you put that truck on the road IT IS A BUISNESS. Not a toy. Have an realistic Idea before hand of it's Fuel economy, Preventive maintenance costs, Tires, Tag, Permits, Insurance, ect. Then you have Quarterly taxes to the I.R.S., Yearly heavy road use tax(2290) ect. I imagine that since you went to a bank to borrow the money to get Her up to par that you were required to have a business plan and that is good. If you need help call O.O.I.D.A. They have helped me a whole lot and Advice is free. Good luck Brother.
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