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  1. Nice truck! You guys did a great job!
  2. Check this out. A guy I know from another site does neon art.
  3. The truck looks good!!! Congratulations!!! Here's a picture of the older style Bulldog. This one's off by 57 B model. I think it's the same as what your truck would have come with. The older Bulldog is just a little different from the newer one and I don't think the older style ones are available anymore. The newer Bulldogs don't look a whole lot different but I'm not sure if the mounting holes line up or not. I'm sure someone else will know.
  4. You sure don't see many sleeper cab B models. It'll be a chore to get it road worthy but it should be really neat when it's done. Good luck and keep posting pictures.
  5. phantom309

    Hello From B67 Bulldog

    Welcome to the site. It's great that you were able to track that truck down. It looks to be in good shape.
  6. I see it sold for $2,200 I hope you got it! That thing is totaly cool.
  7. How much trouble is it to get and maintain an IFTA account? rwmindy, thanks for the write up. I did some research a while back and came up with similar information. I did notice that one of the DOT guideline articles said that you could win trophies or even modest cash prizes with a race or show car and still be considered to be a non-commercial operation. They did say that if you have sponsors names advertised on your trailer, that would put you into the commercial category. I printed up some of the info and carry in the truck with me. I know it's probably best to stop at scales but I'm just driving on past with my little B model. If I had a larger looking truck I'd probably pull in.
  8. phantom309

    B Model Car Hauler

    Thanks for all the replies. We went to the local cruise night and the Mack was a real crowd pleaser. I've been driving some nice old cars for a long time now but nothing seems to get peoples attention like the old B model does. An old friend gave us a brass Mack emblem that he has had for years. We put it on the sun visor. I have no idea what year or model of Mack it came from. The truck's running great! We just got the air conditioning charged and it's blowing ice cold. Just in time, we're leaving on a trip of about 750 miles later this week. I'll try to get a few more pictures in the next few weeks. Jim
  9. It'll be great to watch this project as it moves along.
  10. phantom309

    B Model Car Hauler

    Yes, it did get quite a bit of attention. We got a few thumbs up going through some of the small towns on the way to the track. Jim
  11. phantom309

    B Model Car Hauler

    We went to our first race with the Mack. The truck ran fine but it's a little noisier than I thought it would be. We still have some insulation to add though so I think it's going to be reasonably quiet when we're done. We had planed to do a wooden floor in the box but we used aluminum checker plate instead to save some time.
  12. phantom309

    Date Night In The B61 Tonight

    Great looking truck! I think it looks even better when you get rid of the modern trucks that were in the picture.
  13. phantom309

    B Model Car Hauler

    It's alive! We went for a little test drive today and the truck's working great! We've still got a few things to do but we're almost done. We backed it under the trailer to check for clearance and it looks like there's going to be no problem. Paul Lapp, the same guy that lettered our 55 Chevy race car did some lettering and striping on the Mack.
  14. phantom309

    Our "new" B Model

    Congratulations! That's a lot of truck for the money. With a little work you should be able to get it running. Northing's impossible, if necessary you can cut the rusty frame off and weld on a rear section from another truck. You can just clean the truck up and paint it with a brush or give it a total restoration. Either way, it'll look great because it's a B model Mack.
  15. phantom309

    B Model Car Hauler

    Not yet. I'm hoping to get it ready to run over the weekend.

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