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  1. we finished building our 4500 tow truck. used it a few times. had major issues mounting pto pump. seems it the trans and crossmembers weren't ever made to allow for a pump and pto leaving no space. we ended up modifying the crossmembers for the pump and hydraulic lines. also ended up having the have a gm service come to our shop with laptop to program the pto .seems the switch was in the dash but wouldn't work unless it was programmed by a dealer. also needed to have high idle programmed for pto. probably not needed normally but for a tow truck application with dual winches you need high idle. I think the one thing I dislike the most is the pto WILL not work unless the emergency brake is set. this is a flaw on gm. how the hell do they expect it to work in a dump truck application?? the gm guy who came to the shop to program ours said there is no way around it. I don't see that. how are you suppose to spread stone or sand with the pto If you have to have the e brake on?
  2. useless Mack more like it, been buying parts there for years, my grandfather and his grandfather bought fleets of trucks there. not they cant get you a lugnut without a vin and god forbid you mention something older than 2000. oh and you want a pair of MACK mudflaps? nah, you get the generic ones that say Utica truck sales with everyone elses logo on them and a WWW. address
  3. use to...Mack makes junk, well there is NO Mack. only Mack out there is the museum. as for the factory in Macungie they might as well put a Volvo sign out front. far cry from the 90's when the R models were rolling down the line and everyone had pride
  4. B and R's B model use to be at Macungie in the 90's . believe it use to say T J Crouse on the door. old man owned it . I imagine he died and the kids sold it off...
  5. truck belongs to Alnye trucking(bulk milk and fuel haulers)owner said he got it down south somewhere. it was pretty original
  6. Curt Bradshaws B61. he had the rustic B42 and the ex firetruck R600 next to it. I think his relation has the orange R600 that use to haul the Oshkosh to the spa
  7. I was there, little late 930ish but was there most of the day, cigar and all.....
  8. pretty sure Mr Gerhart has the R model simulator??
  9. pretty sure that green B use to be in the old Mack museum when it was outside Macungie park where the vet clinic is now
  10. this guy didn't stay off to the side, I was surprised Mack didn't have a cop there for the show already. I slowed, literally had tp drive in the otherlane and swerve around him and he looked right at me and deliberately walked in front of my truck. we were all on the test track around 230. had the track full. was a really nice show. the addition of the swap meet out back was also a nice suprise
  11. leaving late, forgot easy pass and blew fan belts on turnpike but we still made it, and managed to piss off an asshole picketer who thought he was gonna walk in front of my truck across the road and I was gonna stop for him...
  12. hitting us hard her in upstate ny… we run a heavy towin and body shop. scraping the bottom to find parts to fix collisions on brand new GM's and as of today towing in heavy trucks ,Macks AND Volvos, we cannot get parts to fix
  13. im liking the B61 with Kentucky radiator and the B73 and the B81 series
  14. still wondering where your getting endt675, 260 hp ,237 hp motor.....more info needed the tr72 series came in single overdrive and double 9 speed, 10 speed,10 speed overgear, 13 speed double over, 15 speed single over, 18 speed double over, 20 speed single over, 20 speed direct...
  15. have seen an early 1953 B model with the frame numbers stamped over the right rear spring hanger in the same spot as the L models were
  16. old junk. wanting to put some newer bulldog embossed seats in it.
  17. bell housing bolts in your old 10 speed duplex, lets hope its a 72 series might be 3/8 the. 237's have 7/16ths bolts. no biggie just drill them out. if you have a 67 series trans, your screwed, sounds like someone already did the hard work. radiator crossmember needs to be shimmed 1/4 inch for the diesel engine balancer, you need the 673 waterpump and crank hub also. throttle linkage might work but its a crap shoot and the exhaust and intake tubing is at your own design
  18. old square body chevy in the back as blocker to …..those pans always amazed me. too young to see them at work. did they have to clear everything, stumps and everything and the pans were just used for grade? or were there no stopping them?
  19. good luck. been trying to get seats like that for a few years. if Barry would have them made and supplied id buy 2 or 3 pair, at a reasonable price,
  20. pretty sure most of Masons B67's had the big square tanks not seen on any other B models, the big radiator and 673 turbos with old school R96 Roadrangers. Schwerman tank lines also ran R96 roadrangers in the B models.
  21. looks like Erie wheels to me similar in style to a B42 from 59-61. dunno why Mack did it but those are the only years on B42's they used those hubs with the hidden bolts
  22. add to the confusion,,,in Canada Horizontal shutters were an option on any B model I have heard... to keep the snow from plugging them up. have even seen a few examples
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