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  1. Anyone have a part number for the tophats that hold the seals? Took.one motor is apart that had no seals......the other had seals in these tophat things but about half are broke. Of course no one you talk to at mack has a clue...
  2. late 61, early 62 was about the cut off for 'stock' colored frames. after that they were black stock. thats not to say you still couldnt order them colored but to simplify things Mack went with black frames, bumper and fuel tanks
  3. sounds like your better off finding a truck already built. the motor is an easy change as long as you stick with a 237, 250, 285 anything e6. Matt Pfahl is the one to talk to or Kevin All. they have built many and know what fits. the front axle gets tricky as the U bolts in a B model are a weird spacing. i know some IH and Freightliner axles will fit
  4. on this taboo topic again. workin on a 711, new heads and top end. anyone have a part number for the valve seals on the intakes? one i pulled apart for the heads had NO intake seals, other motor with a good bottom end has 5 out of 6 seals and the last had an O ring someone put on. didnt Mack use to sell a kit with the metal shrouds and washers with the seals with them????
  5. please dont paint frame in rustooeum, you wont be happy. it will be chalk in less than 6 months. acrylic enamel is not much more expensive or nasan epoxy black...
  6. wont draw enough air facing forward to make a difference honestly.
  7. Matt Pfahl... wheres your expert input??
  8. looks like an R column was swapped in with an MB steering wheel and a 237 with real jakes. what a Hoss
  9. Been a while but didn't they make 18 studs then 18 studs with the bigger corner studs then finally the 20 stud fire ring one? I know my end707 doesn't have grooves cut in head but has the 237 fire ring gaskets on it. Can't remember but I think the liner was cut??
  10. i know none of the Gurus are on here anymore. my end707 has the 20 stud, 237 head gaskets and fire rings. another 711 im working on has the 18 stud heads with the big corner bolts. when they went to the big corner bolts, did simply ream the hole out in the gasket for the bigger bolts or did Mack actually make a bigger gasket??? and is the 3029-8213C - head gasket - EN707/END(T)673/END711 with 18 studs the newer version with the corner bolts bigger or the older version ?? btw Mack is in love with that part number. they want $258.77 a piece for head gaskets
  11. looks like she was restored back in the good old Tidewater Mack days.. thats the fuel tank Bob use to sell as a replacement
  12. why not save the whole truck?? kills me when a Mack like that wore the same dog or shell for 70 years and someone scammed it off it
  13. i dunno why so many are stuck on two and three piece rims and bias ply tires. yes they look better and more period correct on an older truck but if you plan on runnin it at all put the damn tubeless on it and be done with it. real 22's are nonexhistent and real 20's are china junk that are used on container chassis, for a reason, they are JUNK!.
  14. screwed that there is not an 11.26.5 or screwed when you open your wallet for a 1100x24??
  15. dump the 10.00 or 11.00 22 and put some 11 24.5's on it youll be happier and they ride better and they are available anywhere. 1000 22 is equal to an 11 24.5 and a 1100 22 is equal to a 12 24.5... might have to play with spacers and wedges on back but youll be much happier. stock Macks had 3 5/8 spacers on the back
  16. B62 was a tandem only to actually.... B60 was usually a single axle,,, B68 covered both after both the B60 and 62 were rid of after the 50's. all had the 60 thousand or 30 ton weight rating
  17. the ONLY good thing about ATHS is the book. the shows are mostly all big shot. not much for the small, one truck guy. your a peon and they let you know it, not to mention payin your ass off for everything the show offers including registering your truck oh and Admission to the show each and every day
  18. Jim's a great guy with alot of knowledge. hope our site isnt turning into that money makin/hating members site like ATHS is
  19. 2-3 inches.then after you weld i have poured more inside and rolled it around to cover the welded spot
  20. i have filled B model tanks with water, ground the welds smooth, then took a sharpie and drew a line around and cut the ends off with a sawsall. have it sandblasted in and out and coated inside with Red Cote, leaving it a few inches from edge, then welded ends back on, poured more Red Kote i and swished it around where it was welded. all good for Diesel but if its a gas truck you cant put and garbage Ethanol gas in it or it will eat the Red Kote off
  21. poor old guy. one of the last true outlaws. its a shame my favortie single ole Waylon treated Billy Joe like shit in the beginning barley wanting to record his songs, songs that Waylon made hits
  22. kinda odd it has a black interior with old 73ish steps on the front of tanks. werent black interiors like 79-84 ish?? maybe it had a cab swap already?
  23. i have always thought an 80's early90's Chevy motorhome chassis would be a good starting point for a custom small B model build
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