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  1. weight laws were stricter or just not enforced as much. I know I have heard stories of a single axle B42T with a D8 on a lowboy before getting hauled thru Syracuse Ny… I assume a person could walk faster as a im certain B42's were designed to haul furniture or potato chips.....
  2. does anyone know did George Sprowl do that red B pickup? looks close to his dimensions on the green one that George Tackaberry has
  3. actual glider I believe. there wasn't a single hole drilled in the frame behind the cab. would almost be a shame to build it now. should go into the Mack Museum so Volvo can see ''what use to be done''
  4. lots of nice truck there.amazes me that I know I walked and walked and walked and then someone posts a pic of a truck I never seen at the show. I have a gabbing problem when I walk around..... left my wife at the truck and came back a few times and hour or two later only to tell her I was just twenty feet away...….
  5. what town? maybe can take a look for ya
  6. followed that motorhome/chevy all the way to Clarks Summit and to the NYS line tonite
  7. im bidding. im sure others here are also
  8. been lookin for a pair of those for a long time
  9. maybe had a cab swap or a few diff parts. looks like a 67-72 hood and a plus 3 cab and newer dry air cleaner
  10. they don't need my funding. only wheels of time I read is when someone gives it to me anymore and 95 percent of the mag is all advertisement anymore. being a young guy and who has restored his own truck and a few more im not the Skip Mckeen or the Tackaberry and I feel I get treated like shit at most ATHS shows. ill stick to Macungie and a few more and will enjoy driving my truck and not paying $35 to register it to show and $25 a piece for me and the wife to attend the show after I register. don't think ill ever be attending another National ATHS show. all big money game
  11. have not been a fan of the ATHS since York when we drove down from Ny 5 hours and got hastled for me not having an insurance card and a few friends got hastled for not having an insurance card for trucks ON their trailers that they weren't gonna unload and were registered for the road. they made me pull on the sideline, argued with me, I had to have an insurance card faxed to the show before theyd let me in then gave me an ''was that so hard'' attitude, that along with their outrageous admission price and prices to register a truck are out of lie. btw in NY you need insurance to get plates so its not like I had no insurance, just some bitch felt the need to flex her muscles
  12. looks about a 69 70, 71 with the marker lights and reflectors on the fenders. buy it... they don't make them anymore. looks like someone changed the air cleaner to the newer style and ditched the oil bath
  13. must be a triplex thing.... I rest my leg against mine...….
  14. how much for the fifth wheel and transmission? have a friend comin from fla...
  15. believe the original truck to that ad was a Schwerman Service Satisfies truck
  16. no one has stated that the greedy lazy grandson of the owner of NEMF that was in the hospital at the time the lazy kid decided that''he doesn't wanna work for a living'' and files bankrupy and coincidentally all their restored old trucks are in someone elses name.....
  17. put two of those vented caps on my B, all I could find at the time
  18. bridge formula hard nose and cut out bumper on the White. didn't see too many around here, most all has the soft shell.
  19. that's a honey right there. I have seen some pictures somewhere of a neglected R in their colors
  20. and im pretty sure that orange and blue R doesn't look like that anymore.....
  21. are there many trucks left in that yard where that R came from??
  22. all the R models I ever saw were down, most every B model was down but I have seen some factory pics of B models with the handles horizontal also
  23. Maddog13407

    Mack A40

    ''bought it from a collector'' yea, no you didn't, you bought it from a shitbag auctioneer who fucked the old man who owned if for years over......
  24. Maddog13407

    Mack A40

    did you buy it at an auction april 7th? if so god that auctioneer is probably the biggest pos I ever met. walked in his tractor store one day all dirty and greasy from work, he had an old mack I was askin about, his words to me were,'' why bother lookin at it, you don't look like you have any money to buy anything''. I wouldn't buy so much as a cotter pin off that shitbag
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