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  1. It appears that I have a head gasket leaking antifreeze on my 1959 B753. So far, just leaking outside on the block, nothing in the crankcase. I am trying to figure out what head gasket I need as the literature I have shows a Type I (sandwich) and a Type II (folded steel) gasket for ENDT673 SERVICE ONLY (whatever that means). Can someone give me a "heads up" on what gasket and maybe part number? Thanks
  2. I am looking for a turbo spacer which is used when adding a Jake Brake system in order for the turbo to clear the valve covers. Once the Jake brake set is added with the valve cover spacer the valve covers will hit the turbo unless a spacer is added. I have a Schweizer 550 turbo on my engine, which is an ENDT 673.
  3. You could not restore or build a truck like that for less than $30k. And that is doing most of the labor yourself. The truck is worth at least that much. Yes, you will have to find that right person who wants it, but that is the same with any restored vehicle.
  4. I used Hushmat in my B model inside the entire cab and inside of doors. I can't compare it with Dynamat as I have never used it. It was easy to apply. Just peel and stick.
  5. You need to use straight 50 wt motor oil, but the aviation oil (like Aeroshell) is preferred. Most of the truck parts stores sell 50 wt synthetic transmission oil which I think would be as good, maybe better, since synthetics weren't around when the auxiliary trans' were invented.
  6. My ENDT673 came with a factory oil cooler. It went bad on the way to the Yakima show this year. On the way met a guy from Iowa who had one brought out to Yakima for me. I got it changed out up there in WA. I would say your oil cooler went bad as I also got oil in radiator, but none in crankcase, You can probably get yours repaired, or hopefully find another one in good condition,
  7. Does anyone know if the Jacob's (Jake) Brake kit designed for the E-6 2 valve head will work on a ENDT 673? I have located one and want to put it on my B model. Thanks.
  8. Name: 1959 B753LT Date Added: Owner: Dennis M Dennis M
  9. I would change the rear end first. I put a 4.10 in my B which has a quadriplex trans. I can cruise at 55 mph in 4th over easily, and still have two gears left
  10. Can you get a Non-Commercial Class A or Class B in PA? Maybe that is all you need if you are going to haul your own stuff or an RV trailer. If your truck is registered as Historical that should be sufficient. So, even if you weigh over 26,000 lbs the Class A covers it. I also think a 3 axle truck is going to attract more attention from the law than a 2 axle rig.
  11. Looking for the inside driver's side sunvisor for B model cab. Dennis
  12. Replacing those 5/8' bolts with 12 point heads is the way to go You don't have to go to Mack to buy them. Any well stocked bolt or fastener company should have them. Then you can use a 5/8" gearwrench to tighten them up. Makes life a lot easier.
  13. I found mine on eBay. They were slight differences in the pumps. You need to compare it carefully with the old one.
  14. I changed mine over to 12 volt. Like BMT said, you just need a 12 volt starter and good heavy cables, 2(0) or bigger. My truck already had big cables, but they were old and stiff, so I replaced with new. I also changed the the ignitiion switch to one with a start position on it and used a starter relay (ford type) on the firewall. But the old starter button will work okay.
  15. I need the inside driver's door latch mechanism for a B model in good working condition . Thanks, Dennis
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