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  1. Does anyone have a few pictures of a Mack Cl or CH duel exhaust layout or even a diagram?
  2. Any chance you might have a few pictures of your duel exhaust layout?
  3. Another reason to stay old school..lol
  4. My 96 CL does the same thing,gotta set the idle rpm just right and then it smooths out nice..
  5. Damn that sucks,so they can't run the vin number and come up with a complete diagram with all the parts numbers,maybe order on line from watts..
  6. I haven't had any trouble getting parts for my 96 CL, they run the VIN and everything is there, the only thing they couldn't get was an exhaust bracket for driver side, I wanted to put dual exhaust on but no go.
  7. Holy crap,that's crazy,hope I can fix mine!
  8. Thanks guys will check at the Mack dealer,not to crazy about taking it apart,it looks like a lot of parts in there..
  9. My 12 speed shift knob is blowing air out the exhaust port in all gears except nutural,I suspect a bad o ring right,do they make rebuild kits or do I hunt down the o rings separately,or buy a new shift knob?
  10. It probably works good at sound dreading also..
  11. How would this hold up in a marine environment say to coat a below deck aluminum fuel tank,any idea,I've heard of some people using coal tar with good success but this sounds better.
  12. How are u grossing 85,000 lbs in NY and what size body's are u running,must be huge?
  13. MACKS

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    Sorry for your loss Chevy..
  14. Parts dept should have a rebuild kit for it,thought you were an owner operator?
  15. That's what I was thinking to,there a pain,try to spray a little lube on he s cam where it makes contact with the pad.
  16. The light switch is probably in the cab,look over and around by he clutch pedal
  17. How much larger,does it fit the spindal correctly,I would go with the original,better safe than sorry..
  18. Doesn't sound like it's fixed to me,I would love to drive this truck to see/feel what your experiencing,..
  19. That's exactly my thinking but a couple people posted otherwise,I personally know of more than a few Macks in there 80's that still have the original front springs,Thanks for your input..
  20. Thanks,not sure what to do now,is it worth even replacing on 22 year old springs or should I just go to a spring shop and replace the springs ?
  21. Anybody have one of those external mount power window motors they want to part with?
  22. I don't think an out of balance drum would make the truck wobble at 25 mph,out of round maybe,do what Chevy said look for wheel wobble by jacking up and turning the tires.
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