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  1. Hey MT,would you recomend using this on double frame rails to help stop rust and spreading,how long does it stay tacky?
  2. If your gonna take it apart why not just install new rails?
  3. Saw one yesterday in truck & trailer magazine,looked good for 3500..
  4. We used to check for air leaks by spraying starting fluid on the hoses and charge air cooler while the engine at idle..
  5. Guessing there's no need for traffic control,not even cones..
  6. Only reason I still have a cb in my dump truck is because all the asphalt plants around here use them to load you other wise it would be a waste,99 percent nobody will even answer me when asking about DOT or traffic conditions and almost every truck has an antenna on it..lol
  7. I just got a price from Watt's, 211.81 plus shipping,makes no sense to me how there could be a 175 dollar difference in a small part like that and I assume there exactly the same quality..
  8. No 226, I said wtf I might as well buy a complete one he looks it up,over 400 bucks..two months ago I went to them for two cab mounts for my cl,already found em line for 120 each,well Mack wanted 260 each,I said no that's for two,nope head honcho in he back confirmed 260 each..I just walked out,crazy chit going on with them..
  9. I found t at Premium Trucks Parts on line for 54.14 in stock..
  10. My selector is dumping air like crazy so I'll attempt to rebuild it,got this kit a Mack is has the barrel and every thing else in there I hope,they banged me 226 bucks,a new one is 400,here's the part number if anyone needs it.
  11. Got a new one at Mack Dealer 113 bucks..
  12. Anybody have rod that attaches to the muffler bracket on a CL or Ch that they would want to part with?
  13. This time last year I bought my first set of cooper roadmasters 12/24.5 for 360 each delivered. To my door free with no sales tax eather,I but 30,000 miles on them so far and they look good for another 15-20,000,I still run the over priced continentals on the the steer,if I could find a good deal on continental I would go for it in a heart beat,best tires I ever had,betting the roadmasters are going up in price now also..
  14. Agree the goodyear and continental prices are out of site that's why I went with cooper,I'm gonna ask some of my fellow dump truckers and see if anyone else is useing them,thanks for the info! a
  15. I've never tried them n my own truck but the company I work for uses double coin on there dump,he puts a set on the rear every year,gets 25000 miles and at least two blow outs before swapping them out for a new set,I use Continental,Goodyear or. More recent, Cooper Roadmaster,easy 50,000 miles out of them,zero blow out ,I've run the continentals down to the nubs without getting one flat and I do o off road quite a bit,like I said just my opinion..
  16. JMO,they all suck,half the mileage and twice the flats and blow outs of American made rubber..
  17. Friend of mine runs double coin on his dump,gets 25000 mi,I run Continental and get 50,000,you get what you pay for..
  18. There not obsolete lots of people still using them
  19. Nice,I always liked those steel nose RD's, a little blurry but. My two DM's years back on an airport runway..
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