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  1. I've never tried them n my own truck but the company I work for uses double coin on there dump,he puts a set on the rear every year,gets 25000 miles and at least two blow outs before swapping them out for a new set,I use Continental,Goodyear or. More recent, Cooper Roadmaster,easy 50,000 miles out of them,zero blow out ,I've run the continentals down to the nubs without getting one flat and I do o off road quite a bit,like I said just my opinion..
  2. JMO,they all suck,half the mileage and twice the flats and blow outs of American made rubber..
  3. Set em straight MT..
  4. Friend of mine runs double coin on his dump,gets 25000 mi,I run Continental and get 50,000,you get what you pay for..
  5. There not obsolete lots of people still using them
  6. Nice,I always liked those steel nose RD's, a little blurry but. My two DM's years back on an airport runway..
  7. Well that's the idea right,the more manifold pressure the less going to be he puff limiter,with only four pounds the rack would be able to push back the plunger and open more fully,I think.. A lot f people run a line into the cab with a switch so u can shut it off but then turn it back n if you have to.
  8. If you put a new spring on your truck will sit lopsided so I would just fix that one or grab a good looking used one..
  9. Sounds like a bad fuel hose to me..
  10. There's a member called automatic Mack on here knows quit a bit about them but haven't seen him on in a while,maybe message him..good luck
  11. Thank u much,the muffler bracket on my dump truck is different than those and I can't find one for the driver side so I got one like yours off a cl but I have to move the mounting plate over about an inch and half or it will be to close to the cab,fun project but I'll get it done somehow..lol
  12. Does anyone have a few pictures of a Mack Cl or CH duel exhaust layout or even a diagram?
  13. Any chance you might have a few pictures of your duel exhaust layout?
  14. Another reason to stay old school..lol
  15. My 96 CL does the same thing,gotta set the idle rpm just right and then it smooths out nice..
  16. Damn that sucks,so they can't run the vin number and come up with a complete diagram with all the parts numbers,maybe order on line from watts..
  17. I haven't had any trouble getting parts for my 96 CL, they run the VIN and everything is there, the only thing they couldn't get was an exhaust bracket for driver side, I wanted to put dual exhaust on but no go.
  18. Holy crap,that's crazy,hope I can fix mine!
  19. Thanks guys will check at the Mack dealer,not to crazy about taking it apart,it looks like a lot of parts in there..
  20. My 12 speed shift knob is blowing air out the exhaust port in all gears except nutural,I suspect a bad o ring right,do they make rebuild kits or do I hunt down the o rings separately,or buy a new shift knob?
  21. It probably works good at sound dreading also..
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