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    Bulldog stance

    Blocks between the leaf springs and axle? Gonna mess up your steering geometry though... But who cares about that when you look cool?...
  2. Oil doesn't cause corrosion, it prevents it. So even if it does occur it won't cause the same damage the coolant will.
  3. I'll bet the ground is nice and toasty after that one. I'm all in favor of space travel; some wackos think we're overpopulating Earth and need to curb our growth, I say when Earth's full were just gonna figure out how to live elsewhere!
  4. Don't think non ethanol is available near me unless you go to the local small airports and tell them you have a small plane engine that you've rebuilt and need to test. Or so I've been told.
  5. We have a poulan we bought 5? Years ago? POS. Carb settings real finicky, fuel lines swell up with local gas, not sure we've gotten 15 minutes of cutting out of the thing in it's life. Replaced it with a Husqvarna, which works pretty good but you gotta grab the throttle pretty much when you pull it to get it to start. And the auto bar oiler seems to have stopped working. Need to check it out.
  6. I've got a red can o Prius repellent just like that!
  7. You reset the trip meter and it caused the odometer to stop working? I'd try resetting the trip meter again, something could be sticking inside. Only other solution is to replace the speedometer and note the old odometer mileage somewhere like the door.
  8. Or change your break light fixtures. LEDs? They go bad.
  9. If it fixes your problem is it worth the price?
  10. It's all in the gearing. That's not a 70mph highway rig.
  11. But I don't want to be added to a spam list ....
  12. Contemplating emailing him for an answer....
  13. I hear you on interior room, but 98% of non OTR trucking never has a passenger to warrant more space. In the 11 years I've been driving I've had a passenger less than 10 times, with the exception of when I was on my permit. Granite was designed more or less for the construction market, which is all about tonnage, and last thing a company wants is an extra 200 lbs of waste cargo taking away from payload. That being said, I test drove a 2004 granite last winter and it was a really sweet cab. Great replacement for the R model.
  14. I think it's the clearance light on the top right of the cab.
  15. Why did you dig up a 9 year old thread to tell us your email?
  16. Wonder if "per set" comes with 6 sets....
  17. Longer hood, you're further from the steer axle I'd bet. I like the new R hood partly because the R was such a long running model, and the hood bought it another 10+ years before switching to the granite, which is also a sharp looking truck. I wonder if Mack would still be using the R model if they didn't sell out to Volvo.
  18. That's a lot of horsepower for a truck rated at 44,500 gvwr.
  19. Read what he recommended. If it doesn't make sense read it again. He told you what he thinks you should do.
  20. JoeH

    1970 DM Truck

    Refer to your post in antique trucks. You need to provide more information.
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