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  1. OK I have checked everything in SB. I eliminated everything except for air compressor. If air compressor is pumping motor is smooth. I replaced air compressor and still the same. I'm about to pull my hair out. Doesn't make sense. Tach gauge goes from 740 to 760 when it does it. i do not like throwing parts at a problem but I am baffled by this HELP!!!
  2. Okay I had 80 plus pounds on fuel pressure gauge and even changed supply pump out. No change. Pulled nozzles out and had checked. I had previously(month ago) put a 736GB421M2X in it. When injector shop checked, other five were not popping correctly because surfaces being blown out between plate and the tip. The one new one was not a M2X, but a MX. Apparently packaged wrong from factory. After all this truck still has same symptoms, rough idle, etc. Could the air compressor drive gear be loose. Wouldn't it give me times of not pumping at all? Still puzzled....Besides erratic idle, runs great down the road!
  3. Sorry guys....it has E Tech. It must be 06. It has the supply/transfer pump on right side of motor with filter base made on it.
  4. 2007 Mack CXN has a rough/loping idle. Has to be operating temperature or warmed up a little. Noticed when air compressor is pumping it goes away. As soon as air dryer spits off, it goes to loping. No codes. Checked and even replaced cam and speed sensors. No power complaints. Supply pump? Doesn't make any sense.
  5. I have always worked on day cabs, but customer brought in a 14 Pinnacle with sleeper for ac work. Front works good, but no power in the bunk. If I jump relay everything will work. What controls or "turns on" bunk relay. I checked fuses inside small driver side sleeper door. ANY.... Any help would be appreciated!
  6. can't communicate with engine ecu. Harness 's appear good, terminals also. Someone has to know something...I'm begging...............
  7. Someone chime in and help a guy out!...................................................
  8. MP8......No engine communication. Checked power wires to engine ecm and have 12 volts to both. Checked fuses in top of dash and by clutch pedal. Other ecu's seem to be communicating. I have read where the fuse boxes go bad. Which one's are they talking about? And what are the sympton's?
  9. I have an 08 CHU with MP engine came in loaded with codes and have gradually repaired all but a code for the DPF Regen switch. I found out that it is fused but can't find it. One fuse panel on top of dash and one panel next to clutch pedal. The panel next to clutch pedal has all breakers or relays. I need to know where the dpf switch fuse is. Also would like a diagram of breakers by clutch pedal. ANY help would be appreciated!! Bout to pull my hair out trying to locate this fuse!!
  10. Shows active code Intake Air Temperature Sensor-Voltage Low(Flash Code 2-3). When you do continuity test the sensor wires are on ports 84 and 67 of J2 connector. Book says it should ports 80 and 61. I have checked every wire and connector to get this code out. 4.5 volts to it. What am I missing here?
  11. 2015 CXU 613 Mdrive would not turn over/crank. Transmission showing low air and no neutral on dash. Repaired air leaks on trans tank. Truck now will show neutral and crank. Went into gear when dash showed N. Now it will not go in gear. Accelerates sometimes, but most of the time no respopnse. It does change engine tones when it doesn't accelerate. Lightning bolt on, but dash will not show any codes on guarddog or regen. Has OBD connector and can't get tech tool to communicate. Truck has been sitting about a year. Can't understand why dash will not show any codes and LB still on. If you try and put it in gear, parking light blinks/warning goes off. Borrowed someones obd hd little scanner and it also shows no codes. I'm puzzled as it seems like one issue gets corrected and another pops up. Checked grounds/cables/connectors. Help!!
  12. No codes. Changed cam sensor, checked valve adjustment, fuel pump, return valve, unit pump rollers. Had one cylinder a little weak so replaced one pump and injector. Truck runs and pulls good, just shakes truck at an idle. It's not a big shake and some people don't notice, but you can tell something just is not right. Seems to be worse cold. Merry Christmas everyone!
  13. 2007 Mack Vision Dash does not work at all. If you turn key on mileage numbers cycle through and then "no info". I took dash out of a working truck and it does the same thing. I then took the dash out out of the original non working truck and plugged in to working truck so dash is fine. I have even soldered an extra ground onto pin 35 and no difference. Tightened and cleaned pins and terminals didn't help. You can wiggle any wires and still won't get dash to even flicker. What am I missing?
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