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  1. There's more on there, just need to set the search parameters. Walking beam seems to be common for concrete mixer chassis, I imagine that'd be a stiff ride empty. You could put springs on instead. I drive a 2001 s/a freightliner oil truck in the winter, and I've driven a 2015 KW propane truck. They are nice to drive, the 2015 was a rocket even loaded. Watch out for speeding tickets and aggressive driving, the newer ones keep up with cars on takeoff, which can be dangerous.
  2. http://www.truckpaper.com/ListingsDetail/Detail.aspx?lp=TRK&OHID=27659059 2004 dm688s cab and chassis with a 400hp e7 and an Allison. Indiana.
  3. We are blessed to be the strongest country in the world, and to be honest it has led my generation (I'm 30) to become soft, never having a major war involving our country completely. I.E. Civil War, WWI & II all happened within 40-50 years since the previous war, affecting everyone in the country. It's been about 75+ years since WWII, and while we have had the Korean war, Vietnam War, Cold War, and War on Terror, my generation is the first in a long time to not have a Draft. I am genuinely priveleged and lucky to live in the "now" when we keep an active standing army continuously "training" overseas against live targets as Mack Tech pointed out. I have no doubt that this is a contributing reason we stay a Super Power, and I have no doubt that is intentional. Playing the world's police force also gives us an excuse to have our boys anywhere in the world at a moment's notice, which could be argued as unnecessary if one has "Isolationist" preferences regarding national actions.
  4. Wow. What're these people doing jumping in trailers??
  5. I avoid New York and up like the plague. Fortunately I never have any reason to go up there. Don't understand why someone would subject themselves to living there with that kind of traffic.
  6. My uncle drives for Giant's Peapod delivery; he would sing Oprah & showtunes til he found out management had cameras in the trucks and could watch their drivers whenever they wanted.
  7. http://www.truckpaper.com/ListingsDetail/Detail.aspx?lp=TRK&OHID=32709799
  8. Download the Truck Paper App on your phone. Thousands of Mack's for sale on there. You'll want to pick R686 for the model number to get the 285 horse maxidyne "300" in those years. I know very little about the 300+, don't know if it was an option in that range. Might have been an '80s thing.
  9. JoeH

    R795 V8

    And nobody ever bought an R model for creature comforts, you bought them for the job you need done and because they don't quit!
  10. I'll bet the turn signals on the front of the cab weren't LED. All you need is one tiny bulb to make the system work.
  11. Check your tie rod ends, drag link, etc. I drove an international oil truck one winter that had a tie rod end just about ready to fall off when I started the season. Told the boss it was about ready to fall off, he asked how I knew it was bad and I told him I could grab it and wiggle it all over. All the other drivers had just told him "steering has a wobble!" Needless to say it was fixed a day or two later. Truck had a nasty wobble as the one wheel would flap all over the place from such a worn out ball joint.
  12. If everything is LED and you have the wrong flasher you won't have any lights because the LEDs don't draw enough current for the bimetal switch to trip. Need a standard bulb in the circuit.
  13. Can't argue with that logic about union leaders, lol. Makes sense! And I agree wholeheartedly on the well maintained older trucks. But they're gone, so for one reason or another they weren't financially viable any more.
  14. Almost 96 and he texts. That's pretty awesome.
  15. JoeH

    Bulldog stance

    Nah they look like 24.5s to me; it's the steer tire that looks big to me, but I suspect they're just 315s.
  16. Get a set of rebuilt pumpkins and call it a day.
  17. No but even still, can't be having injector cups failing when our boys are being shot at...
  18. Recent problem? How long have you had the truck? Give us some history so we know if this is a new to you problem truck. Miles? Are your axle stops ALL in place? All 4 of them? Are the bolts being overtorqued on install? If so that stretches the bolt, which makes it thinner, thus weaker. How long are you getting out of the bolt before it breaks?
  19. JoeH

    Bulldog stance

    I think that 5 gallon tank helps the truck look taller on the front. Hard to believe that tank could be hydraulic oil, it's pretty small. And it must suck if it's a fuel tank you gotta stop at every station to fill up. And it can't be DEF, who in their right mind would put an emissions system on a truck that predates that junk? Apart from that tank that is a sharp looking RD. I'd love to have a truck that shiny, but I do concrete. Lots of cement dust, and muriatic acid is about the only decent cleaner for it.
  20. JoeH

    Bulldog stance

    Those would be the blocks I referred to.
  21. I'd like to put a mechanical e7 in a granite; I don't care much for computers, but granites are nice. 😎
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