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  1. the fuel pump went down on my 54 LS85 Mack sent to Arthur Gould Rebuilders in Long Island (rebuilders of early water pumps and fuel pumps) the rubber parts that he rebuilds with are o.k. with ethanol .turnaround time was 3days.
  2. Wow ....20K plus shipping ,must have been a collector
  3. I took the fuel pump off ,sent on Tuesday to Arthur Gould Rebuilters on Long Island got it back on Friday morning ,totally rebuilt back on the truck in the p.m. and running, took some cranking to get the fuel to the pump from the tank ( we cleaned the filter bowl out so the line was empty back to the tank.
  4. the fuel pump on my 54 mack fire pumper seems like it stopped working today. had fueled up 3weeks ago tried to start today and no go ,disconnected line to carb and no flow , someone recommended removing and send to a guy in N.Y. to rebuild ,any comments ,also cautioned on installing by in to get the lever in the right position or you can damage it.
  5. anyone going to the spring melt in a few weeks?
  6. by the looks of the R's you don't plow snow ,right
  7. I agree with fxfymn that 5k would be a good #, let us know what happens, sometimes its an easy fix(sometimes).
  8. Thanks for the info. I have the Mack book to check the specs.
  9. my 1954 mack LS85 (fire truck) has what I would call excess play in steering wheel(over 2'') .new tie rod ends didn't help, Is their an adjustment on the steering box ? or is the box just worn , 44K miles
  10. the guy that owns the Smith tractor also owns a Hahn pumper from Radnor Pa. also pulls around the Radnor B model open cab.
  11. Looks like an old Smith horse transport tractor pulling the lowboy
  12. that would be so sad to remove the fire body, it has to be saved as a fire truck. I already have a open cab 'L' mack ,no fun driving in the rain
  13. I use Conden & Scully Moorestown ,n.j. they only do classic and antiques vehicles
  14. I know it's not a Mack ,craigs list in south jersey (Beverly) $4500. a friend looked at it and said it's all their.
  15. how do I post a photo of my 'L' pumper on this site?
  16. my e-mail is hinoki22@comcast.net on the mack extinguisher
  17. I needed a roof ladder to go with the wooden extension ladder, had a friend in the club make one of fir and with all the hardware. Still looking for a Mack extinguisher.
  18. try the Spring Melt in Allentown and then Pump primers in Harrisburg both in Pa.
  19. glade to hear you got the mack back, now the fun begins
  20. I hope it wasn't the chromed type diamond plate (it would be harder to do). I would try a small area using a Brillo pad (has soap in it to lube area)if it is just regular alum. dp.
  21. how many gal.water tank and is it a 'T' type tank ,any leaks?
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