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  1. Wix Brand 7723 (NAPA) filter out of the box...…..
  2. Seen guys like Oilfield Trash pulling ridiculous loads with it...… per our conversation.... Hi jason ! Finally was able to get the old girl finished up today and header Mack for a reflash tomorrow. Ami-370 is what I told him I wanted. I also told him I wanted to make sure 12-b was taken care of too. He was a little vague on what exactly happened in the reflash. Will it include all available updates? Never been flashed since new he said, or do I need to be more specific? Haven't had a chance yet to drive it yet but it sounds completely different and seems to run so much easier! Would you have any other thoughts while it's at the dealer? Thanks for your help jason ! Tom Hi Jason, yes following the threads to a t, plus a few additional upgrades. The tractor and float empty weighs 43,270, base is 76,000, pump and doghouse are about 65,000 each so 120,000 ish when loaded. 25% is off highway the rest is 2 and 4 lane highway. Off highway usually includes 1 955 cat dragging or winching on the front sometimes 1 or 2 more on the rear pushing. This winter has been extremely muddy! Will get the truck back in the morning from the reflash but if the trip over was any indication of what we're going to wind up with , it will be awesome ! The driver told me he didn't think he was even in the same truck. Granted he was bobtail but said he can't wait to get a dozer on the low boy tomorrow. I'll let you know how it goes Jason! Again your alls guidance has made me look really good ! Thanks! Hi Jason! Yes driver says like a different truck! I followed him in with the lowboy, backhoe, and a pump. Figured a gvw of 70,000 if I knew how to do it I'd send you a picture of the speedo, cruise set on 72 never ever been able to use it other than bobtail before. Did have a couple of questions, other than low speed lugging or initial take off hardly any smoke. Not real worried about that , pyro peaks at about 850. I used a wasegated turbo with the line blocked off, am I overloading on boost causing a derate ? Going to check boost and fuel pressure monday. Curious about pressure boost low 30's ok ? Fuel pressure? Just want to make sure I'm where I need to be ! Thanks jason ! Read in a ways and the specs are all there....
  3. We have our own means to wage silent war. One in six mouths to feed on this Earth are Chinese. They're getting chubby too. $$$$ + global access = Western diets. Pull the soybeans and nail those suckers with all you can eat twinkies and soda and watch their society imploded with a cardio vascular health crisis.
  4. I tried to faithfully buy "Made in the USA"...…….. and had to settle for "Made in North America"...….. which eventually turned into "Made in China". Built my house in 2010 and swore off Chinese and foreign goods. Good luck. It was just after the find of poisonous gases releasing from the sulfuric Chinese drywall that could dissolve copper tubing, and was blamed for high-rate crib deaths at Fort Bragg. Who would risk anything on their substandard garbage. Poisonous dog food. Cadmium in kids drinking glasses, and on and on.
  5. “Quick Andy, cameras roll in 30 seconds! Get your mask on, look scared & concerned, and for Biden’s Sake Man!!!, say something damaging about Trump!”.
  6. I’m ok with a parent bore engine. The expectation is 2,000 miles or less per year, so I’ll never need sleeves/boring. DT360 are a fine motor, but my thinking is the 12V Cummins 6B are so common in the automotive world I can be fishing up in Ontario and find a fuel pump @ NAPA. Cheap performance parts too. The Skoolie-ite site has the B as making 10% better fuel mileage than DT360 or larger. My last skoolie was a Ford/New Holland 6.6 liter diesel @ 170HP......so even a 190HP 5.9 sounds snappy. Ran a mechanical DT466 last week, loved it, shakes the bus when you crank it up, Lottsa flyweight, displacement & power, too rusty though. Guy from Iowa is now going to buy and run it in a bus demolition race and keep the motor. I was over on your side of the fence yesterday at Lakeville, MN.They’re dumping three Chevy buses with 2136 Cats. Smooth and quiet. Took the ‘03 for a cruise. Little ECM/HUEI control goes a long way in response and performance. Only Autos unfortunately, Allison 2000. No one wants gears, understandably, for that app. Last month Quality Bus up in Big Lake, MN had a long 1996 Ford B800 with full luggage undercarriage boxes, 5.9 Cummins and a 5 spd. Salt free. Guy slapped $500 down before I got over 😬 . Mechanicals are gone like 💨 .
  7. Somebody counter this thought.....A Pre tier 3 engine is perfect to manipulate. Im buying my 4th generation Skoolie and I’m thinking I may buy a pre tier III engine. My old rule was no electronic motors, but times running out on that thinking.....they’re all in Mexico now. Back in the day we loved screwing around with a base mechanical engines and did whatever we wanted with delivery manipulation and made lots of smoke. We didn’t change pistons and turbo every time we wanted more power. This bus with a Cat 3126 engine has a different rebuild kit for the 5 or so HP groups they come in. It’s a 190HP (170 lowest, 330HP highest) and I want to crank that up a fuzz. BUT.....A different base engine package for the HP increments? I’m calling the bluff and saying the wild long list of piston & turbo variations are mainly for emissions compliance........ esp piston variations.....NOT to compensate for stress/heat/compression/performance etc. Historically, you kept your turbo/injectors and took free agency to do what you wanted with pump delivery. Im not talking about maxing the Cat to 330HP and blowing the driveline, but flashing it up 20-30 HP and different (proper) injectors. I think it can still be done at little risk to the base engine except whacking out the emissions read. Anybody ever get bit??? PS- you find a good condition, locally owned, 11 window, bus with a mechanical DT466/Cummins 5.9/Cat 3116 w/ 5 or 6 speed manual....I’ll pay a $100 finders fee if I buy it. Scouts honor. It’s thin pickings to find something with a decent body. Impossible really in salt country.
  8. filling with rain water and freezing probably wouldn’t do that econovance any favors.............. 🤷🏿‍♂️
  9. Truck looks nice and fresh for its age. Your asking a lot of a 12 liter. Thing’s squatting a big load. I’d check boost system for leaks under pressure, make sure I have fuel psi and then ECM flash it up to 460HP. I’d have to check, pretty certain turbo should be the same....427 to 460. EUP’s will be the same. Injectors, i’d have to check. @550 HP the heads will crack and stuff may come apart. That’s 14-15 liter country.
  10. Thanks I’m curious to know how the story ends? I also theorized, on the off-road, that the operator could take the “open to fresh air NOx sensor” machine down every 15 minutes for 30 seconds of key off. The machine will not logically determine a sensor issue....is the thought. It’ll think he’s running short cycles and not heating the NOx sensor enough to activate it. I putz around the yard for a long time to finally get the downstream heated to the point of registering. Meanwhile, the DEF process defaults to a sleep mode of 6PSI air delivery to nozzle instead of typical 20-22 PSI because it doesn’t have its downstream NOx reading for regulation of delivery. It (software) seem to expect to hold that cool-sensor-sleep-mode for a long time without reacting with a fault code. 🍀 Good Luck Remember the good’ol days when we just fixed machines instead of playing mental chess games with their logic?
  11. No, it got me through two shifts though. I reset the eventual code then ran it for a while with the NOx sensor installed. When it "DEF quality" coded on me a second time I removed the sensor to fresh air again and ran it. The second time it was as if the machine had artificial intelligence for learning the cheat, within the hour it was down for NOx code.
  12. Didn’t know you were Mennonite? Oh, wait.... they start at 5, never mind.
  13. Harder to get engine heat into the cab of the conventional?....as opposed to being able to heat your ☕️ coffee on the valve cover.
  14. Wudda political Farce-stival for the Leftist State Media. Every time I hear the news come on at break I yell out "Florida, Arizona, Texas" and I nail it every time. Within the first minute the talking head is onto it. They can't stop attacking the Conservative states and its increasing in intensity. If you add up all the Covid dead in Florida, Texas and Arizona it's 10,544. New York alone is at 32,115!!!!!!!!!!! >>>>"""Alone"""<<<<<. Heaven forbid the media should discuss Gretchen. The entire country of Sweden is almost twice the size of Michigan. Michigan went full Covidiot mode and Sweden threw herd immunity parties, polar opposites, they did very little to stop the community spread. Michigan, at half the size of Sweden has more Covid deaths than the entire country of Sweden...……. who did nearly nothing in terms of prevention. Here's your KoolAid America, keep drinking it.
  15. Don’t count yourself out RR! You had that conversation standing upright. 😉 👍🏼 If he was serious though.....My only advice........ Mayo. Not the sandwich dressing that got you into this situation, the Clinic. Been there, great place, great doctors.
  16. Now hold it right there sir. We have a law in this county concerning moderator gag orders. Comply, or we find a good strong oak branch to hang your 41Chevy from.
  17. And tell Santa you want a confined space monitor for the “Christmas in July” party. A sniffer wand that reads the presence of combustion gases.
  18. Yes, Salute for the clarity sir. I’m not the prophet of doom folks.....but remember what I said only pages back... The modern, statue-tipping, liberal has one thing built right into their matrix... “To rewrite any history that testifies against them”. This is a fine object lesson on the matter.
  19. Confirmed Jim. Upon checking yesterday both accounts were open for use. If they’ve been closed since it happened after my post. It’s a mysterious place, BMT.
  20. Bill and Hillary appearing in that Epstein Island scene from “Eyes Wide Shut”.......ugh, not a pretty scene HG.
  21. EEEK 😱 !!!!! I had a creepy chill dance it’s icy fingers up and down my mortal spine tonight. I wandered back through the murky, dark, dank, halls of BMT’s past. The Moderator(s?) have reinstated Teamstergrrl and gearheadgrrl. Ban lifted!!!! Back in business!!! In doing so they’ve created an powerful 🐉 three-headed hydra 🐉 that’s capable of a triple leftist attacks on conservative souls. Historical revisionism has now permeated every aspect of life and not just toppling statues. With a her full steel-umbrella of moderator protection and the power of three functional accounts all I can do is commit myself to the 🔥 flames and gird my loins with an full-asbestos adult diaper. I’m glad I’m a union member, and can beg for quick, painless, death..............rest of ya’ll Republicans are in BIG trouble. Let your dying words be 💀 “Trump 2020!!!!!” ⚰️ .
  22. We’re being ruled by upper crust lawyers. Nothing can shock the conscience once you’ve watched Hillary openly breaking laws and being treated with white gloves by the office assigned to accountability. When you reach that level of “untouchability” sky’s the limit on what you can get away with.
  23. Even tougher Bob...……..I didn't know we were this old either?
  24. We have it. 3 pulled from my work this week for quarantine. Mandatory 6 feet or mask and we had to sign a Covid disclaimer Monday. Business as usual. No ones sick, no ones dying. Sniffle, cough, back to work. You continue to call me dummy, I’m going to call you hag, we mutually agree to those temporary monickers for this thread?
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