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  1. what year did th e4 valve head make it's debut? did they overlap for any reasons?
  2. I think Mack has had more influence on Volvo than the other way around. Last weekend at the Kirkland show all of Mack guys sit around until the wee hours BS'n. My driver left before us and drove the 08 with an MP8 to the motel. All of the guys said that's a Mack as it went by us in the night. When I told them it was also an MP8 in a new Mack they could not believe it. It really does sound like a Mack engine of yesterday. when I bought the 08 Pinnacle it was 21k less than the comparable KWT800 that I got a quote on. I was really leaning towards a KW due to the popularity and resell in this area. We have been very happy with our truck.
  3. When the B came out the LT's were dropped and for the West they called the B 70's the Great Westerns. They did lower the floors in the B cab for the 70 series but drivers still did not like them. I believe there was a year or two that only the B cab was offered before the L became an option.
  4. What this will do is make the history, restoration, preservation, and collection of all things Mack just that much more meaningful. There are few icons that have such a passionate following as the Mack. At a show a few years ago a fellow came up to me and was upset with my playing of truck songs especially all of the old Mack songs. I told him that if they had sung songs about other truck brands I would play them too!! I am looking at my bulldog.......Diesel laying at my feet snoring away. He has no idea of the legacy his breed inspired to be part of a once proud and strong America! An America that was proud of it's ingenuity and products that were built to last. That took care of it's people who labored for it. Now it just fast talking politics and money making greed. You cannot tell me that Volvo could not have preserved an identity for Mack by keeping a presence in the HQ and leasing out the remaining space. And or leasing space back to preserve a dignity and expectation that a loyal following of customers have. Mack kept an office in the NY empire state building for many years just for that reason.
  5. Regarding the position of the shutters when there is no air in the tank. Mack has it where the shutters are open but I have noticed older KW and Petes where the shutters are closed until you air up. Just switching the hoses or is the shutters built differently? I always thought it a better idea to have them open with no air so if you were pulling a hill and lost air or hose you would not over heat.
  6. twin sticks? try workin 3.........a five, a two, and a three, with 3 150rpm splits. And as you can see.......there is no belly room. Mack got it right on this one and the aux. is closest to the driver since that is where the action is.
  7. Here is Joe the last time he was with his truck at the ATHS Fontana show. He was pushing 90 yrs old then. He would come over in the afternoon and sit with the truck. As you can see he would draw a crowd. He is a regular truck driving poet.
  8. you could be right and they were called Charlotte sleepers and were integral in appearance. Several in some Holtzman and Adams books too.
  9. Did early F models have that style of bunk side window? With the profile of the R cab extending into the sleeper sure makes it look factory...........or a great custom build.
  10. Glenn, I have been thinking about trying to incorporate the tip turbine concept into the blower (supercharger) of my two six bits cummins. On a cool morning I run with the big dogs but by the hot afternoon it's all a dog.
  11. I visited the museum in 99 and had a great time. At the end of the day Dennis took me and my buddy to an old factory about 5 miles down the road. He turned on the lights and said when we were done to turn them off and lock the door. I would guess there was 5 acres under roof and it was full of unrestored trucks. We were there until after midnight. I have some pictures I will need to dig up. The place was heated too!!! Last I heard is that due to finicial hardships the trucks are mostly gone???
  12. Just turned 65,000 on our CX and no problems at all to date. First day out it went back to the dealer and discovered the right side cab mount was not tightened. Probably a Volvo guy snuck across the lines and loosened it at the factory! The MP8 at 485 horses is doing well too.
  13. Where is Dale Francisse located or contact info for him?
  14. What is the differences in an 85 V8 vs the final years they were produced? I am eyeing an 85 and just curious.
  15. It doesn't make sense that they move the highway line to Macungie. I purchased a new 08 Mack Pinnacle and it is the same frame/crossmembers as a Volvo and I was told that is why the were built on the same line. At Macungie they build the true Mack lineup. In fact I could not even order my new 08 with Mack tranny or rears as I was told that only the Macungie built trucks got that option. Sooooooooooooo does that really mean the end of the highway line of Mack soon? Should a bought a KW!!
  16. Barry, How are the swithes/togos holding up on these dashes? My new 08 Pinnacle is really a sweet rig but I have to say I am a little disappointed with the switches especially at night. And I cannot understand this one but the CD/radio has a yellow/green light panel and swithes blue. Looks like @#$%^ at night in the cab. You would think the Mack designers would pay better attention to details.
  17. Even in the 50's Mack was flaring the front frames. On the LT Mack the supercharger cummins sits right down in the frame giving the LT the neat low profile long hood look. If you look at other makes in that era the superchargers either had to sit above the frame or they notched the frame and riveted a side support on. I saw a G-77 that was straight rails with a charger and Mack did the same technique by riveting the support. Even the CL and RW had a wider frame in the front??didnt they? Seems they also had the large front flare on both rails. The RL or western R models came with straight rails and they were aluminum I believe. The grill and the height of the hood is a give away that it is an RL.
  18. I was going to wait for the Titan but at the time I needed to buy a new truck it was a ways out. I am pretty happy with our new 08 MP8 Pinnacle.
  19. My 92 CH has a million one on it. Overall I have done very little to this truck. It is still tight and good looking. I emailed Mack recently about the rawhide and if I could get the MP8 motor in it. No reply so I started to look around. I have been impressed by the dealer coverage Mack is building back up here in the west. The CH pulls a 50 ft traileze lowboy so we would like to get a truck to keep us legal in CA on a lot of the side roads. That is an overall lenght of 65 ft. I spotted a 05 KW with a 475 cat and the small integral sleeper. It gets us close to the mark but not quite. We do like the truck though. I got to feeling so guilty that I finally called the Mack dealer and let the sales person we have known for years in on my needs. His reply was a quick Mack is Volvo and so whatever you seen in Volvo we can do for you in Mack. My guilt was quickly gone and I will now buy based on what I think is the best product that suits our needs. A few years back I would have never even thought twice about buying a Mack. I curently have 3 mid liners an R model and the CH. I am letting the Mack dealer get me a quote on what ever he proposes to fit the need. But I really would prefer to get have a rawhide with the small sleeper and the new motor. I was waiting for the MP10 but now understand that it may be another 2 years before Mack is ready. The code name I heard Mack is using for the truck is the Steamroller. I just can't wait that long.
  20. You have some history there. We all know that in the end the Mack management did not make the best decisions. I don't know if you caught the Jack Curcio editorial he wrote in the Wheels of Time a few months back. The story I heard was the engine outsourcing such as pistons, cams etc were occasionally screwed with. Just a rumor. Zenon wrote a small booklet called the Legend of the Bulldog and in that he speaks of the bad decison made in moving the engine and tranny plant to Hagerstown. When he took over he almost made the decision to bring it all back to PA but it was just too big of a move. Just so you know I employ 300+ union construction workers and have done so for over 25 years. I sure wish I could get rid of this terrible disease of liking Mack but from the time I was a youngster I was around them.
  21. It sure would be great to hear Jack Curcio's version of all of this. As he was the CEO of Mack at the time. First CH showed up on the 1989 calendar. The State of PA basically told Mack to go pound sand for any incentives to build the new plant in the Allentown area and the union was not any help either. In fact it was alot of union sabatoge through vendors supplying parts to Mack that nearly broke them. But in the end of it all I have a 94 CH 400HP Mack 18spd and mack rears..........1,100,000 miles and only the turbo and fuel pump as major parts replaced. Tranny whines a little and the rears are getting sloppy but that is a lot of miles. And it still is a comfortable truck to drive. I am waiting on the new look for the MP engines to come out and I probably will buy another Mack. The Rawhide has caught my attention but I want to see the new truck for the big power. Mack people are still involved in the brand but with the way competition is and the new high tech world we live in it is very difficult for a company to be able to perform it's own research and development for a complete drive train like Mack has offered. You do see all of the other brands now marketing the concept that Mack has offered since it's beginning but they have the financial backing that Mack needed with Volvo. Do any of you remember that the great Zenon Hansen tried hard to broker a deal with Chrysler to own Mack but at that time the FTC denied the merger. How times have changed.....now the FTC accepts even our national security to be at the hands of foreign firms.
  22. From the album: Mackdaddy's Mack Collection

    Another look at the H-65's. Note the one on the right. It's air horn is sideways and the large fuel tanks. This truck was sold new to Consolidated Freightways in 1955. The build records show the dealer adding Freightliner tanks, driver seat, back cab lights, air horn, and mirrors. The truck then was resold to Haney Truck Lines of Portland, Oregon in 1958 by Mack. Rumor is that Consolidated bought it to experiment with pulling triple trailers. Why and how Mack ended back up with it is not known. But the museum sent the records that show both sales happening for this one truck.
  23. From the album: Mackdaddy's Mack Collection

    Too far gone for restoration but worth keeping. The gent in the photo owned the truck from the late 50's until I bought from him in 2006. He ran it through the mid 80's.
  24. From the album: Mackdaddy's Mack Collection

    This truck has a V8 and quad box. Needs to be restored but I am not sure it will happen.
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