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  1. does any one have a video of the Chevrolet pulling in the pull off
  2. one of the best engines ever made hands down
  3. just put a bigger radiator from Detroit had to grind cage a little in 2000 cx it works great I would call antram diesl do injectors and turbo
  4. leave the pump alone .....put injectors and a turbo on it leave the pump alone.....
  5. I liked the red head at the kilt
  6. the bad part about is the people we have as leaders know don't deserve to kiss any of those HEROS feet
  7. that is the best place to start
  8. IH farms do you know if that truck came from virgina maybe about 1995
  9. the reason the black rubber came to be was the new hoods were somewhat cut a little different and the stainless ones wouldn't fit the new hood if you haze to replace the hood get a jones hood and it will fit fine but yes vlad is right they are avalible threw pai
  10. black I think its level two vinle it looks just like our 85 superliners
  11. our 94 cl has fiberglass doors our 97 ch has steel
  12. George thorogood gearjammer motorhead judas preist lynyrd skynyrd
  13. I have had to cut the manifolds off with the torch before because the bolts were froze in manifold
  14. all I can say is I work on all brands every day. anybody that knows me knows im third generation bleed mack blood mack still has the best truck they are not having the problems others are and as far as the Volvo thing goes no I didn't like it but my first trip to the mack visitor center and plant well lets just say if Volvo is keeping that open for us mack nuts then hell I love Volvo to
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