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  1. All that's missing is the exterior sun visor. Beautiful truck!!
  2. No we have commercial plates. Even a Limo or half ton pickup needs Apportioned plates if its used in any business for hire.
  3. Isnt it interesting that it doesn't have at least Commercial plates
  4. LOL. I have a small fleet of those thirteen letter $&it spreader plow trucks!! They do a nice job, run cheap, and parts are only 18 minutes away. But yes nothing like that cool Mack
  5. That is AWESOME! Makes me want to hang out at that Bar
  6. LOL. Lesson's learned. Anybody who hauls equipment and tells they have never done that is either a Fibber or only been hauling for a couple of days. LOL
  7. It Sure does. A Turbo will spin especially if the stack is curved and facing the wind.
  8. Nice is correct for that load. Found its best to let my JD A ride facing forward because it seems that a high speeds when facing backwards the air going into the air stack pushed the oil out of the breather into places it shouldn't be.
  9. No Problem. I haven't removed it yet to keep the truck mobile. We did use to haul some antique trucks this summer. ! of these years I will get that project started
  10. Awesome. Think I want one of these Trannys for my Cruiseliner. Hmm, wonder if they make a top loader for shift linkage? That may be the deal breaker.
  11. We couldn't read the stamping on the rears. But that sounds like a great tranny with those numbers. What is the Torque rating? And thanks for that info
  12. Ok, so friend of mine just bought a Superliner that has Neway susp & a Mack 13 speed. Build sheet says it has 4.42 ratio. Now, the tranny has been changed from the Mack 9 speed. Truck has LoPro 24.5 tires. It will do more than 90 mph. And it still creeps around the yard nice & slow. My question is, what is the Over drive Ratio for a Mack 13/18 speed?
  13. Nice to see the "proper" cable lift wing. Nice truck. Kinda to bad to have that out in the nasty chemicals they use now
  14. I see that B 75 a lot coming into the Dairy where I unload at in N.H. The driver is always smiling. On hot days the windows are up. Very Cool ride
  15. Different color scheme than usual. I like it. I bet that didn't go thru town very fast when loaded @ 155 HP
  16. I thought that a snorkel ment it was a 633 unless special order? It does clean up the engine though. I'm going to put a snorkel on my 9670 this winter. A to clean up the engine area and B to get the air filter away from the hot engine and C just cuz I want dual air filters and like the look of 2 snorkels. Ole Truck driver told years ago, he said "Boy, a diesel needs 2 things to run. Fuel & air. And air is free so give it all it wants!"
  17. I'd hate to have to replace that windshield in $ or just to replace it in the back yard with no tools like I can with my COE's. Cant be a very big sleeper
  18. LOL. Ok, except for my application I want air ride suspension AND air ride cab. Like my COEs that we run I want @ 220 to 240 W.B. A Double wide sleeper very little plastic real radiator. A truck that looks bold tall and proud. NO emissions NO DEF just a nice running engine. Like A N14. That is a great engine. My E9 gets good MPG. Just don't ask it to pass a exhaust sniffer. Aw I'm dreaming I know.
  19. Ok, so we have this deal where you cant hit the like button. However, I keep getting "Notifications" saying this person or that person "commented" on your content. How or where do I find out what they had to say?
  20. WOW!!! I guess beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. I sure don't anything there to be proud to drive around in
  21. Its cool to see pics of trucks from back in the day. LOL. Sad part is I'm still running those today. Thanks for posting Gentlemen
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