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  1. Is this the Astro from Westmoreland, N.H.?
  2. Not to be disrespectful but how does that "thing" look anything like a 9670? That thing is just homely.
  3. You may want to bring a Battery along with that fresh gas if your planning on firing it up to load it.
  4. Mack was doing it for years and years. But yes they did make Cat powered Superliners. Also with Cummins & 2 stroke Detroits. You may need a bigger radiator. Someone else on here I'm sure could tell ya for sure. Local man had one with a factory KTA. But he did repower it later in life with a B.C. 3. Friends tell me I should repower my WS with an E7. But I'm not giving up the E9
  5. Yes, Why? everybody has their dream. But a good running E7 would be better and better MPG. If you have a Hankering for a Cay at least go 3406C. Your SuperDog will be ashamed being pussy powered
  6. Lately ive had BAD luck with Wix filters. Now I run older Equipment. Newest thing I own is a 97. Wix filters have had plastic in them, paint chips. Fuel and Oil alike. So ive been buying Fleetrite lately.
  7. That rig is cool. Remember, a machine is only as dangerous at its operator
  8. Sad thing is when this truck was new these girls MOMs were just kids!! Don't believe ive ever seen a 4 headlight F model before
  9. Very interesting. All I ever heard about em was negative. Most folks thought of em as 90nothings. Nice to see they weren't a bad engine after all
  10. Ive been told repeatedly that B.C, Cummins & 2 stroke Detroit parts are "OBSOLETE." I'm sick of being told that. Just have to do more looking now a days
  11. All that's missing is the exterior sun visor. Beautiful truck!!
  12. No we have commercial plates. Even a Limo or half ton pickup needs Apportioned plates if its used in any business for hire.
  13. Isnt it interesting that it doesn't have at least Commercial plates
  14. LOL. I have a small fleet of those thirteen letter $&it spreader plow trucks!! They do a nice job, run cheap, and parts are only 18 minutes away. But yes nothing like that cool Mack
  15. That is AWESOME! Makes me want to hang out at that Bar
  16. LOL. Lesson's learned. Anybody who hauls equipment and tells they have never done that is either a Fibber or only been hauling for a couple of days. LOL
  17. It Sure does. A Turbo will spin especially if the stack is curved and facing the wind.
  18. Nice is correct for that load. Found its best to let my JD A ride facing forward because it seems that a high speeds when facing backwards the air going into the air stack pushed the oil out of the breather into places it shouldn't be.
  19. No Problem. I haven't removed it yet to keep the truck mobile. We did use to haul some antique trucks this summer. ! of these years I will get that project started
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