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  1. I do not trust "miracles" in a bottle. BUT, I am a true believer in Lucas products
  2. I have just 1 question for you. Have you EVER run your OWN truck?
  3. American Know how has been the driving force behind many inventions. Work with what you have and can afford. How many can work on a new truck with their electronic wonders that seem to ALWAYS be having issues? I'm not saying to take short cuts or use unsafe equipment. Just keep this in mind, KISS Keep It Simple Stupid. Serves me well. Buy what I can afford and work on. If its man made it may fail. If its Electronic/computerized it WILL fail.
  4. Running down to Fl with my 48' Drop to pick Equipment I have down there. If somebody has something that needs a ride down let me know
  5. You are MUCH further ahead to fix an older truck than $pend on a "newer' Electronic POS. Cruise thru truckpaper or any for sale ads. Old trucks are worth more now than ever before
  6. Or if the truck was run with a bad compressor at some point there may be to much oil in there. Had that happen before. Just a FYI. Hope you get it going.
  7. People ask me all the time why I drive a COE. I hear "they ride bad" or "youre the first one at the scene" etc... Well for those of you who say they ride hard, come take a ride in my 83 Cruiseliner or my 93 IH 9670. Both have air ride and air ride cabs. Both ride better than my friends 379 48" bunk on airtrac and my own 97 IH 9300 51" Pro sleeper on IH air ride. That's the truth. Don't believe me? Come take a ride with me. Yes I have to get dressed laying down. That's not fun. But, I always get a thumbs up or a cool comment on the CB. Makes it all worth while for me. If Mack had made an MH in a Double bunk I believe they would have sold a lot more of em. Visit my website sometime if you like Cabovers. Or if ya don't.
  8. Am I seeing that right? Looks like an A.C. compressor on that engine
  9. Send NY metro and NJ, & CT along with it. The Chinese are buying up land so throw in these states to seal the deal
  10. Doesn't DM stand for Dream Machine. That's what we called em. Nothing that an R can do that a DM cant do
  11. You are correct. Pilot is still in hot water for price gouging. They have been in court now for over a year. Id much rather spend my hard earned money with a Mom & Pop store any day. Here in N.H. the local Irving truck stop is $2.45 while the same brand near the Hwy is $2.75. Tell me they are not just plain ripping off the trucker
  12. They CL in a light duty. Use to see a lot of CL Elites with the E9 big bunk. Mack was trying to go after the owner operator market again.
  13. That's not low RPM. Like Frightrainsays Just ease into the throttle until you hear the turbo start to spool up. Once you have a little boost going then you can put the fuel to the old dog
  14. Hey I have a few trucks serving that purpose too.
  15. Try dumping the air suspension while driving and see if that changes it. Do not drive very long with it flat. Also, a bad U joint will cause that. I had that happen. Only way I found it was when I was putting the driveshaft back up I noticed the caps didn't turn freely. Didn't notice anything wrong when it was together and I shook the yoke.
  16. The Mack dealer up in the northern part of N.H. [before the current owner bought them out] use to spec trucks with the Hendrickson because they are in logging country and the Hendrickson has a wider stance for tall top heavy loads. Also, in the day it was a lot easier to work on than camel back. With the camelback you had to remove the rear mount log loader to replace the frog leg before the new style came out. At least that's what I was always told. I drove for a local logging company that use to be pro Mack when they were a construction company. He was Die Hard Mack until the log trucks. His theory was the camelback trucks leaned over bad with a load of logs where as it was great for dirt work.
  17. You got my attention with the title 3408. Even a 3406 would be interesting. Post pictures if you have any. They say anything is possible.
  18. I've only ever run 1 conventional. A IH 9300 Prosleeper. Liked it. I started out with a 1984 Pete 362 Dbl bunk. Then a IH 9670 Dbl bunk. I'm running 3 IH 9670's and my 83 Cruiseliner now. So I know what you saying. Plus, I have to admit, I like the "old school" look and the attention they draw. Back in the mid 80's, our first truck was a 82 Cruiseliner. Kind of come full circle for me now. My 81 F was a toy hauler. Didn't like climbing into the bunk as well as the Cruiseliners. The "Eastcoast" Cruiseliners had more room. Like you say the MH is a very fine truck. If only Mack had built em in a Dbl bunk.
  19. Interesting that with that long hood, the back of the engine is still close to the firewall. Beautiful truck all the same though.
  20. The F model certainly has nice body lines. But there is no denying that the WS & MH have more interior room. The MH must have the tallest interior in the sleeper area. Just hope you dont need windshields for an F. I hear they are pricey. Was it 19 or 20 year production on the F model? Only 8 years for the WS.
  21. I remember a story my father told me of plowing Rt 1 with a chain drive Sterling. The State sent a wingman along. My father woke up to the truck bumping along shearing off the wooden guard post. When he asked the wingman why he didn't wake him up the man replied "i wanted to see how many miles of guardrail this truck could drag." Dad said they had a PILE of cable and post dragging along behind them. He said it didn't phase the Sterling much
  22. ws721

    Mack cabover

    I like your Cruiseliner. Also like how the early models did not have side mount front directional. Makes em a little more unique
  23. Cruiseliners have a lot more room in em. At least the "east coast" Cruiseliners do. But the F has more style & appeal IMO
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