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  1. Cruiseliners have a lot more room in em. At least the "east coast" Cruiseliners do. But the F has more style & appeal IMO
  2. I had an 81 F model. Last year of em
  3. I do like the look of outside air cleaners on a Superliner
  4. I have 2 Double wing trucks. Sure would like to find one like you have here. ! is an ex NY truck the other is an ex N.H. truck. The NY truck does a much better job
  5. Nice!! Wonder why they didn't use the Pete air cleaners? Air is free, give an engine all it wants. That's one Pete id like to listen to
  6. ws721

    Mike H.

    Just read in the WOT he is nominated for the Golden Achievement Award. Our Prayers are you Mike
  7. The Best!! Well worth the visit. Not only trucks but they Honor our Military as well
  8. OK. Thank you for the info. I will buy those for my truck
  9. I was wondering about those. You think they worth the cost?
  10. In what ways was the Bronco "ahead" of the Jeep or the Scout?
  11. Steve post the pic of that Rotary pump.
  12. That should be about the last yr of those. 81 was the last yr for a "Westcoast" Cruiseliner as far I know
  13. It has the 'Canadian" spread and its rusty. Look very carefully. Been sitting a few years also
  14. Just saw this while browsing. 1980 Mack 300 Western Edition - $14000 (New Milford, PA
  15. there new cab latches for sale on ebay Latch Assembly Hydraulic Mack 1991-2012 Models OE# 25158598, 184QS39301A
  16. If you don't have any Superdog I have a parts truck that can be had. I bought new headlight aesemblys for an R model exact match
  17. Oh, Glider kit. That may explain the wedge brakes. definetly wasn't the "High End" model. Still, a very cool & rare find that I would like to have in my collection
  18. ws721

    R700 MACK

    Well, Long Island is SOUTHERN NY
  19. Beauty and Value are in the eye of the beholder. Most folks don't like COE's. But for those of us who do they are hard to find and COOL. But I would agree that Freightrain is on the money
  20. The dark green engine intercooled? Imagine if those went up for sale?! That would be intresting
  21. I'm off topic here but, anybody know of a Marmon COE parts truck? I bought a 74 but the shift tower is missing. Any leads would be very much appreciated
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